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Sep 2018 · 565
Since that day
Stephan Sep 2018
Caught beneath the landslide of the thoughts my mind did think
Reaching for my last and final hold
Watching as the darkness fills the void where I now sink
Shivering amidst the frigid cold

Air is a commodity I cannot seem to trace
Gasping from this chest long over due
Drowning in the teardrops falling slowly down my face
All because your promises weren’t true

Broken is a heart that fell unending to your charm
Cracked between the center of it all
Little did I know that near the end would bring me harm
No one left to hear my sorrowed call

Now I’m left to die here in this chasm all alone
Nothing left to do but question why
Seeking out the answer wedged so tightly in the stone
Since that day I heard you say good bye
Sep 2018 · 373
Beneath enchanted skies
Stephan Sep 2018
The sun slowly sets
vast horizons a’ quiver
Luminous beams
gently kissing the shore
Drenching our skin
in seductive illusions
Paradise found,
still our hearts long for more

Ecstasy calls,
soft of mesmeric wishes
Passion ignites
with the fire in your eyes
Sensual dreams
filled with twilight desires
Take me this eve
beneath enchanted skies
Sep 2018 · 586
And the earth weeps
Stephan Sep 2018
Petunia petal’d tear drops
on saffron colored morns
fall deep in the shadows
where sunshine is only a reflection
of the beauty once shared
Clouded days sing dreary sonnets
and all other butterflies are sad,
for those cherished wings
of brilliant colors
are gone from this field
Now a misty shade of gray
lingering in the thoughts
of one so missed…
finds the garden gates locked,
never to open again
Where rainbows once shared blue hydrangea skies
and daffodil promises carried our smiles,
sorrow now gathers in shapeless corners,
missing this butterfly
all had so come to adore
and the earth weeps…
Stephan Sep 2018

Dancing in stardust ahead of the dawn

Draped in the luster
of glistened endeavors
Evergreen silhouettes
cast on the lawn
Tracing our twilight
enchanted encounters
Dancing in stardust
ahead of the dawn

Firefly wishes
on grapevine horizons
Spider web tapestries
spun through the trees
Pine cone sonatas
the key of our heartbeat
You in my arms
as the night wanders free

Halos on moonbeams,
the heavens a’ glimmer
Beauty euphoric
abloom in your eyes
Lips warm and tender,
a kiss in the darkness
Love unrehearsed
under crystalline skies

Whispers symphonic
'pon breezes a’ flowing
Softly their music
sings sweetly above
Drenching impassioned
melodic embraces
Here neath this canopy,
bathed in our love
Stephan Sep 2018

Nothing more than a pretty smile

There she was chasing a rabbit
with 1 am coffeecakes and weak tea
She didn’t notice I was watching
from the branches of an olive tree
A lone smile hidden amongst
swirling smoke rings in a foreign accent

To the gazebo she ran
with its straw grass tables
and pleated cushions in hibiscus
print fabric no one would sit on

My eyes followed her as she
darted around manicured boxwoods
and cherub statues spitting water
onto sleeping lily pads,
following the same schedule
as the other…identical

She came upon a dandelion
and asked politely, “Pardon me,
but have you seen a…”
The **** interrupted,
“Didn’t…don’t do drama dreams
dancing deliriously down
donut distracted ditches”
“That’s dumb” she replied
with a giggle and a snort

This must be her fun, I think,
trying to catch a white ball of fur,
big, then small,
then smaller still like a
thimble seeking a thread,
when now she is stopped
in her ziggy zagging tracks
by a June bug singing,

“I see, I see, in front of me
Dessert, dessert, set out for free
A chocolate pie, a chocolate pie
in menus written on the sky”

Perplexed she climbed upon its back
and flew, holding onto
red leather shoulder pads
with black dots changing shapes,
ducking winged arches that
covered the vestibule they
soared through when a sharp turn
pitched her to the opposite side…

Landing with a thud,
her new dress now soiled
between the wrinkles in time
that had ticked away
on a clock faced sun named Ray

She cried carrot tears,
orange sherbet streams
on peach tone cheeks,
marmalade miseries
and mango miscues
piddling on her patent leather shoes,
ready to give up

When it appeared, hopping happily
Jumping into her lap
and licking her face
She caressed its fur, removing
sticker burs and scratching
just the right spot, as its right rear leg
thumped with joy

Then lifting the bundled bunny
to her face, she kissed it tenderly
with wild cherry gloss lips,
or should I say…kissed me
for you see, all along, it was me

And you thought I was nothing more than a pretty smile…..
Sep 2018 · 828
Yellow Flower
Stephan Sep 2018
Yellow flower

I dreamt that I was floating on a cloud of velvet mist
and was a yellow flower that a moon beam hadn’t kissed
I strolled along the treetops like a spider on a thread
while listening to the echoes of a choir dressed in red

Then stood along the border of the place where we once met
and whispered to a butterfly so it would not forget
To gather up some star dust in a braid so finely spun
that we could use to swing away beneath a summer sun

I walked between the lavender in purple blooms so high
that seemed to tickle as I jumped now reaching for the sky
Just wandering about this place where rainbows glow in twos
enchanted by the magic of their brightly colored hues

When there beside a lily pad where crystal waters flow
I saw a perfect smile and my eyes could not let go
And as you stood to greet me I was bathed in wondrous bliss
a lonely yellow flower longing for your moon beam kiss

Your lips like melted butter with some sugar on the side
their taste made me delirious, oh this I could not hide
When then you said, “this is a dream and soon you will awake”
I answered you, “it matters not, your love with me I’ll take”

Its then I woke to find my pillow gently ‘round my head
I thought about the dream I had and all the things we said
Then turning now I see you as your smile comes to me
You whisper,”kiss me yellow flower, my dream you’ll always be”
Stephan Sep 2018

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I ponder weak and weary
Falling as a distant star comes reaching of my heart
Knees connect with fertile soil, darkness on this hour loyal
Twilight bid its fond farewell as evening spends its start
Chilled this open field a’ rest, facing east my own confess
Silence comes in wintered thoughts a’ calling to my mind
Lone is found this majesty, born mine lonely eyes to see
There upon the heavens form this beauty I do find
Reaching for your open hand, actions of an empty man
Seeking but the wisdom that shall lead me to your side
Grasping at the frosted air, evermore I long to share
In amongst these feelings glowing bright this velvet sky
Take me, oh this soul does plead, thee shall be my every need
Endlessly I cherish every vision sent above
As a light does glisten free, when your smile my heart does see
Fending off this winter with the warmth of your sweet love
I was challenged to use the opening line of Poe’s “The Raven”
“Once upon a midnight dreary, as I ponder weak and weary”
and create a love poem following the form, cadence and rhyming pattern of the line
Sep 2018 · 924
Two in a taxi
Stephan Sep 2018

I walked to the gate where the taxi was waiting
Checked in my pocket for change for the fare
Opened the door, saw the driver was laughing
Asked for the reason, would he like to share

He stared ahead, set the meter a' running
Took the first left thinking it would be right
Said not a word about my destination
Pressed on the gas and drove into the night

Traffic light art in the broadest of colors
Yellow and green, an occasional red
Speed limits tossed like a bag to the roadside
Wondering if it was something I said

Then down an alley so dark and deserted
Parking lot stripes in an orderly way
Nothing for miles or maybe forever
This is enough and I just had to say

"Where are we going, I've not that much money?"
Then with a twitch and the wink of an eye
I saw the driver reflect in the mirror
He was a her, I could not help but sigh

For there you were with a cap colored yellow
I saw your smile, my heart skipped a beat
That's when you stopped and the engine was halted
Came to my door and into the back seat

"Are you surprised," we're the words that you asked me
"More than you know," was my answer to you
We stayed a while and love was in blossom
Two in a taxi, what else could we do

Yes this is silly, my romantic poem
Life has been tough as I go on my own
Merely some words in a tough situation
Here on this night as I dream all alone
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Rise above before the fall
Stephan Sep 2018
You look beneath each unturned stone
where four leaf clover shrouds the path
To wonder, thinking all alone,
what brought about this aftermath

As daisies clamor ‘bout the field
and dragonflies abandon hope
When orchards passing off their yield
will find it hard to even cope

Lest not a day of future themes
reflect this distance you now feel
For merely but a stack of dreams,
horizon’s light may soon reveal

So take this orchid from its stem,
a small reminder of the past
And question not who follows them
but cherish every foot step cast

Come hold your head up to the sky
as banners wave and bluebirds sing
Extend your hand to passers by,
much more than just a thoughtful thing

For life is but a fleeting friend
not here for very long at all
It’s up to you to just transcend
and rise above before the fall
Oct 2016 · 6.5k
Raining down
Stephan Oct 2016

Here in this place where I once played,
midst memories now cast aside
The clouds my worthless life has made,
rain down in teardrops I have cried
Thank you to all of my friends here who have supported and encouraged me. I appreciate each and every one of you.  I hope I have shown you the same kindness you have always shown me. This will be my last for while, I need some time to figure out who I am and how I became that person. Thanks again.
Oct 2016 · 2.0k
Stephan Oct 2016
I am
    bound by the
  belief that

  all of its
                           dark tunnels
                following tracks
                    of hurt  
   caused by someone who
    claims to
                       have cared,
          of empty promises
                                        vacant of any feeling
                      washing your dreams
into a sewer system
                      of nightmares
                     twisted stairways
of all that was shared      
               crumbling beneath
the weight of a
                      broken heart
gets no better
than this,

        and I am
       by the
                 that it

                                               eventually ends
I just wish it would hurry the hell up
Thank you to all of my friends here for your kindness and for making this life a little bit more bearable. Sometimes though the pain is just too much.
Oct 2016 · 1.8k
Also be the last time
Stephan Oct 2016

The first time I kissed you

was the most amazing moment
in my entire life

and I would have held it
just a little while longer

if only I had known

it would

also be the last time
Compact Poem Series
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Before falling asleep
Stephan Oct 2016

It was a beautiful dream,

sultry skin tightly against mine,
soft sighs echoed in the night

frantic fingers clutched satin sheets as
passion erupted in a torrid frenzy,

when sensual lips again invited

and I kissed you once more

before falling asleep
Compact Poem Series
Oct 2016 · 998
Nimble fingers
Stephan Oct 2016

Drizzle coated the billboard
sitting on that desolate stretch of highway
waiting for someone to read
or at least hide behind, parked car, back seat
steamed windows, sighs just above a holler,
a collar unbuttoned,
casual abundance with the radio on
seeking a Clapton tune
as nimble fingers
show the difference between a slow hand
and a destined position,
where rain doesn’t matter
because it I just as wet inside
though hotter than an August day,
perspiring in the friction
as love hits the four way flashers
blinkers accelerate, left, right, faster,
names are called, tears are cried
and the road home now beckons . . .
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Trapped in her seduction
Stephan Oct 2016

I stared into the shadows
of a lover’s distant past
Heard whispers in the darkness
of the spell her heart did cast

As it raked across my feelings
and I cried out in the night
When this smile I was wearing
fit a little bit too tight

With her painted nails of crimson
like the color of my blood
She clawed at my emotions
as the silhouettes did flood

This morning found believing
that our time is filled with fate
Where I find my voice is screaming,
please don’t tell me it’s too late

She collected every promise
on the worries I did call
For she wanted me to know that
I could never have it all

Still I crawled into the silence
with my eyes so open wide
And together we were drowning
in the motion of the tide

In her arms now spun the seconds
of the minutes I could spare
Like a clock that’s steady ticking
darkened rhythms sent to share

Drinking thirsty from the fountain
as her finger it did press
On the chrome implanted wishes
of an early moon confess

For her smile was infectious
as it hid her ***** deeds
When I fell intoxicated
still to stagger in these needs

Tried to gaze off in the distance
but my vision could not stay
I was trapped in her seduction
and I could not look away
Oct 2016 · 1.9k
So she knows she is loved
Stephan Oct 2016

I write these poems
for only one reason
I don’t care the day
or the time or the season

If flowers are blooming
or skies are bright blue
If meadowlarks sing midst
the fresh morning dew

If butterflies float
on a warm summer breeze
Or moonlight reflects
off of calm evening seas

If snow flurries fall
ever soft on the ground
Or musical whispers
are flitting around

If day turns to night
or night turns to day
If it starts to rain
washing it all away

If the sunrise is coming
or stars glow above
I write these poems
so she knows she is loved
Ok, I know this isn't one of my best but
sometimes you just need to tell her she is loved, because...she is.
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
“Neither have I”
Stephan Oct 2016

We lay in the soft grass

picking out shapes in the white fluffy clouds
as they wander across

a brilliant blue sky

You gaze above and whisper
“I have never seen anything more beautiful”

I stare at their reflection in your eyes and say,

“Neither have I”
Compact Poem Series
Oct 2016 · 591
Sometimes a moment
Stephan Oct 2016

On an island
in the midst of the crowded city street
Traffic lights blink
as colored tear drops hit the pavement

One way signs
all seem to point in your direction
casting aspersions,
via black and white arrows

Sidewalks filled
with throngs of gawking onlookers,
mouths wide open,
peering from the side of their faces

The deepening sadness
leaves you vulnerable to prying eyes
leering at your flesh,
exposed to high rise windows

You hang your head,
chin against your unclothed chest
and you see not one,
but two shadows on the asphalt

Suddenly you are
draped in the finest cloth money can buy,
shielded from the audience
who now divert their attention elsewhere

Turning, you see a friend,
naked, as his clothing now adorns your body
and you feel safe
with him at least for the moment

and sometimes a moment is all that is needed
Sep 2016 · 648
I love October too
Stephan Sep 2016

I love September

because I got to spend
each beautiful day with you

and now tonight,
as I dream once again

of kissing you tomorrow

I am reminded,

I love October too
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 833
I collected the flowers
Stephan Sep 2016

I draped you in passion,
found hope in your eyes
In a weathering fashion
neath October skies

When life once was showers,
love hidden from view
I collected the flowers
and gave them to you

In echoes I’ve listened,
alone in the shade
Where sunlight does glisten
on dreams now displayed

Today I stand weaving
this threaded design
Of smiles believing,
you’ll always be mine
Stephan Sep 2016

Twilight serenades a distant horizon
in sweet echoed harmonies,
swept softly on a cool breeze
of September’s final whispers
across an autumn watercolor sky
singing I love you…

hoping to find your heart
Sep 2016 · 565
Where it shall feed forever
Stephan Sep 2016

Silent through threatening skies,
beneath a cloudbank of tethered realities
it floats on gasping winds of final breaths,
smoky residue of lives squandered

For this is its place
among the ruins of society,
screeching along desolate highways
of fallen fences and shattered exit signs

Picking at the pieces of wasted dreams,
fragments of past relationships and
shards of broken hearts
splintering the bleak landscape

Thriving on a saddened carcass
rotting in the face of time,
reaching for minutes which have
long since been stopped

Oh what a life, it cackles,
following echoes of pleading voices
seeking that fresh meat,
rancid memories to be cast aside

As this is its idea of heaven,
eternity at the crossroads,
an intersection of stupidity and hopelessness,
where it shall feed forever
Ok, I just felt like writing something disturbing as I wait on a flight to depart.
Sep 2016 · 840
The flavor of us
Stephan Sep 2016

Bright within the sunrise sherbet
where apricot nectar reveals the sky,
the sweet harvest of morning
drips from your dawning smile
as I kiss the taste from
cinnamon cream lips
enjoying the flavor of us
Sep 2016 · 638
You are in mine
Stephan Sep 2016

When sleepless evenings

endlessly gather in lonely hours
keeping you from your dreams

I feel bad because I love you,

but wonder if this is the reason
that every night

you are in mine
Compact Poem Series
Stephan Sep 2016

There like the bloom of a mystical flower,
a crescent moon smiles this day
Before the sun comes to offer good morning,
bright its illumined display

While here I stand gazing north towards the heavens,
dreaming of days yet to be
Watching the glow on an autumn horizon,
I feel it grinning at me

Picturing moments of enchanted splendor,
beautiful scenes float my eyes
Seeking a sign as the dawn now awakens,
upon these slumbering skies

When in a whisper this moon sends a message,
softly it says from above
“Here in this smile my crescent is showing,
know she is sending her love”
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
A perfect view
Stephan Sep 2016

If on this cool September night,
a dream creates a perfect view
Then I’ll prepare within its sight,
to spend this autumn eve with you
Stephan Sep 2016
Warning: This is a political rant so beware as you read.


One hundred and fifty billion
(another 1.3 billion reported today 8/25/16)
and four hundred million…in cash
To an enemy who views women as slaves,
second, no third class (not even sure “citizens” works here)
Makes soldiers of children/babies
Funds terrorist organizations
who’s goal it is to eradicate Israel
and the United States or anyone else
who doesn’t share their beliefs

What is our response?
Blank checks for death and (lives)
and the signers smile,
lie, (it wasn’t a ransom) smile, lie (what emails?), smile
(Oh crap, they found more)
Why am I humming "Lying Eyes" right now (sorry Eagles)
The one in office
and the one who wants to be,
who stands for women’s rights…huh?
(See lines 4 and 5 in the first stanza)

Yet all the media can do
is bash someone with a big mouth
Who shouts, points fingers,
makes accusations, demands that laws be obeyed
wants to protect us, is a racist
(because he calls someone of Mexican heritage a…Mexican)  
Wait, what?
Incites passion and feelings in supporters
who are colored (that’s not racist, is it) as crazy,
losers, deranged, cry babies (Phew, at least not soldier babies)
Because they want something different
Something different…so different,…… the truth?
(That would be different)

When the rich dude is tagged
#The top recruiter for a terrorist organization
Ha, ha, that’s funny, nice one
Let’s all have a nice laugh, there is nothing wrong with that
High fives all around, media parties ensue
But when he brands those two the founders
and co-founders of the same org.
Whoa, shut the front door, wash your mouth out with soap
Sit in the corner, get a psyche evaluation
Who would say such a thing
Only an insane person, only a loonie, (no offense Canada)
What has this world come too?
Check the news, they’ll let you know (their side)

Still there are those who fight
for their rights to place some of those blank checks
in their pockets, SOLD!!! And the gavel comes down
Who owns who? Should anybody own anybody?
China is fine on nice linen where Russia serves the good *****,  
but that is of no special interest to you or me,
that’s what raising Taxes is for…right?
And hell we can build our own babies,
we have the parts and they are paid for...
by those “T” things I mentioned a few lines above  

Reminds me of another song, let me see,
"Four dead in Ohio" yeah, that's it, CSN &Y;
but it's not, is it?  Something like...
"Four dead in Benghazi" Now there's a song for her,
Dead soldiers and someone's calling
when she's asleep all alone
**** it, one of you answer that thing,
It's the ambassador on the phone...(again)
Just say it's a video,
just say it's a video,
four dead in...


Oh and we all need a firm, sturdy,
corrupt (did I say that out loud?)
foundation to administer favors,
show preferential treatment,
to stand on to count the profits
from the pay to play scheme
Who cares if it is foriegn,
that stuff works just as good a U.S. cash
and besides we need all we can get,
we've got Bill's (women) to pay, and maybe to build those
5 houses in Haiti, maybe...and don't forget
the yoga classes and wedding arrangements,
that stuff ain't cheap
Oh, did I mention that some of the countries paying for
this stuff treat women like crap? Just checking.

Parading around in a stained blue dress,
(no, no, no, that was that other chick)
promising what, where, when, HOW?
"Promising" huh...what's that?
(I always thought it was something you should keep)
Hand outs, free lunches
(but I thought there was no such thing as a free, oh never mind)
That must be it, it must be,
because I can think of no other reason
to support terrorism, to support the lies
and the smiles (and you know I am a smile guy)

Wake up people, (including politicians in the same party)
quit hitting the snooze button over and over and over,
open your eyes, see the light while you still can
For the people, by the people,
Now there’s a novel idea, what a concept
But what am I thinking…I am the enemy,
I am a member of the…middle class,
I should just learn to keep my big mouth shut…YAWN

"Put that in your basket of deplorables and smoke it"

(I was going to send this in an email, but it got deleted with all of the rest of them)  

**My name is Stephan and I approve this poem
I've seen so many Trump bashing poems on here, I figured I'd be the equal opportunity poet.  I mean no offense to anyone on this site with this poem. If it does offend you, I sincerely apologize.

This will probably cause my followers to dwindle and my "likes" to dissipate, but we are all entitled to our own opinion, right?

Special note: Deplorables is not even a word. Go figure.
Stephan Sep 2016

If only on a breeze
I could feel your kiss,
gently against my parched lips
worn of summer’s languished heat
but soothed by an
October dream

Cool upon my mouth
which aches with desire
as far away emotions call your name
between each falling leaf
cascading effortlessly
to the ground

Inhaling this enchanting scent
lingering on the breeze, I would taste
love, drenching me in hope
of cinnamon hues and
pumpkin patch wishes
as seasons change

So here I wait in the drifting winds,
the soothing joy that is your heart,
flowing from the north
to touch me, fulfilling  
these endless autumn longings
of your lips on mine
Sep 2016 · 674
I understand why
Stephan Sep 2016

I’m usually sad when it rains

and as I walk today

all alone

feeling it hit
my shoulders

like so many tear drops

I understand why
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 573
Send out the clowns
Stephan Sep 2016

What the hell is wrong with me,
where does this circus come from
Three rings that seem to open new tents in my mind
Dark tents filled with wild and dangerous thoughts,
pacing in a cage, waiting to released
Yeah, you just try and make me
jump through one of those fiery hoops,
see where your head ends up and where
that whip is shoved

Sawdust, everywhere as I parade around
Fluffing my feathers, thinking I know,
Proud ain’t even close to how I feel
as I swing from the trapeze,
sequins glistening,
looking for the meaning, the why
I keep asking why…why as I once again
light the fuse with cotton candy fingers,
shot from a cannon, screaming,
there is no net, not for me, not for these thoughts

Open this door and let me out,
I’m stuffed in this little car
with a bunch of clowns, painted on smiles
big floppy shoes and ****, they are all me
(Send in the clowns, I hate that song)
and I hate these thoughts
Juggled about, like so many *****
flying through the air, never touching the ground
and there they are, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
children of all ages, staring, laughing, pointing,
shoveling popcorn in their faces
then running in fear as these thoughts
escape confinement once again

Don’t you get it, can’t you see,
this is real, this is me
I love, I love deeply, I can’t guess your weight
but I can feel you rummaging for tickets
in my heart and all I have is for you
Free admission, stop by the petting zoo,
Share a branch with a giraffe, share
Share, wow, maybe that’s it,
maybe that’s why I smile
when the tents come down
heading for another place

another town

another time

send out the clowns
Stephan Sep 2016

I guess you just never know
when it is going to happen
one day here, bright blue skies
cool breezes and then ****, gone

What were the thoughts, those thoughts
things you were planning on saying
when the time was right
It was never right, or was it

In a flash, self promises become regrets
wishes end and dreams disappear
if those things still exist
when you don’t

And what is the next step
crying for all of those things
or nothing becomes your world
and the darkness is darker

Free-falling, wondering
if what is left behind cares
probably not, you aren’t and never were
and never will be again

It comes, when you least expect it
You go, when you least expect it
So, expect it……………..
Sep 2016 · 514
Stephan Sep 2016

Words can be seen
like a bouquet of flowers
Bringing the sun
when the skies offer showers

Forming a smile
where there once was a frown
Lifting you up
when your world's falling down

But when there are none
as your eyes come to call
Nothing but darkness
and raindrops now fall

Sadness in puddles
collect on the ground
When it is empty
and no words are found
Stephan Sep 2016

Of broken branch and multi-colored stone façade
the pathway steals my outward glance
Winding through the cottage hills
like kite string freed by a strong wind, it spills
Patterns shadow in abstract array
through barbed wire and solid steel
barricades, creating menacing shapes,
criss-crossing narrow wheel ruts of long ago

Obstacles, of stead and stood,
branded in a wilting wood
directions carved to empty me of all I know as good

Within my chest sits a living compass,
beating my quest in a never ending melody,
sweet as caramel cream pie and pointing
towards the sun, which sits before me
two hills above the horizon on this new day
Temptation beckons over my right shoulder,
whistling in the breeze of delicious
offerings, and I do hunger

Take your glow of nectarines
cool refreshing summer streams
for I shan’t waver, not an inch, her love calls in my dreams

Midday, as the solar glow finds my shoulders red
and sweat clings like life in dampened conclusions,
blisters form bringing the pain of decisions made before
and I would have it no other way, for this I deserve
Mountains faced of fractured stone break my crawl,
rubble sweeps my feet, as my knees bleed,
thirst speaks in the language of a long feared enemy,
yet I do not listen…

State your case in hammered stone
tear my skin of broken bone
no tethered vines of loneliness shall sway me from my home

My shadow now waits before me, long and slender,
molded by dried weathered foot prints, my foot prints,
once heading a direction opposite my heart
Many years old yet still their outline remains as a warning,
When I see it, the lilac arbor, scented in old desires and
new in life, encasing a glow, melodies of gold finch song
as my eyes find your smile, an extended hand, a soft touch
I have found my way home, to you

*Decisions made along the way
mistaken steps of lost array
when found my every dream it longs within your arms to stay
Sep 2016 · 551
While listening
Stephan Sep 2016

A daffodil sang
love songs

to a lonely butterfly

as we shared a kiss
among the tulips

while listening
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 669
Only for you
Stephan Sep 2016

On those dire days

when your smile

has abandoned you and worry walks
in your shadow

I will also be walking, but by your side

with one

only for you
Compact Poem Series
Stephan Sep 2016

I’m sick of writing poetry
I’m sick of it I am
Especially all these rhyming words
that flow out from this pen

Those tired worn out phrases
I write about her smile
Each lovey-dovey stanza
in fancy cursive style

The lines about the evening,
a shimmering moon beam
And how when I am slumbering
she always is my dream

Affectionate creations
oh please, for goodness sake
I can not write another one
it’s more than I can take

This poetry about my love
for her I always feel
Upsets my stomach every night
I mean, come on, get real

All of it is stupid
though some may call it dumb
For when I’m finished writing one
my fingers all go numb

Oh crap, Stephan is coming
he’s walking through the door
The biggest smile on his face
I’ve ever seen before

He’s been on the phone with her
he thinks he’s pretty slick
Now he’ll write something beautiful
and it will make me sick

And who am I, you’re asking
well you just should have known
I’m the laptop on his desk
that he left all alone

I used to be his favorite,
but that was way before
He found this mesmerizing girl
the one he does adore

Jealous, oh you think so
well maybe you are right
Or just an angry laptop
that won’t go without a fight

Just wait until I post this
it will be pretty sweet
Oh no, don’t hit that button
**** he just pushed dele…
**** computers
Sep 2016 · 450
In the key of love
Stephan Sep 2016

I sat at my piano

tickling the keys

as your lips
tickled mine

and our hearts composed
a perfect duet

in the key of love
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 701
Desperate echoes
Stephan Sep 2016
In a destined voice I shall speak my heart
beyond waning sunsets with colorful smiles
and fields of dancing sunflowers,
waving at me in the breeze like they know me

Standing here above all else,
feeling taller than I should
builds a certain strength in my soul,
energizes this tired, once worn out man with new life

Breathing the altitude’s wintered air,
a rush of splendor entices a gleam in my eye
For whatever beauty I may see, there is always her
and I can truly look nowhere else

I have climbed this peak, fought the terrain, the cold,
clawed and scraped on this day
so that the world below, humming autumn tunes,
meandering like ants performing their duties

Would know what I am about to say,
in this moment of peaceful serenity,
eyes wide open, conquering my fears,
pulse racing in fevered flow as anticipation swells, is true

Taking a deeper breath burns my lungs, but in a good way
as I move two steps closer to the edge, gather my balance
and shout from this apex of the world,
“I love you more than anything”
in hopes my desperate echoes find her listening
Sep 2016 · 516
Straight to my heart
Stephan Sep 2016

She called while driving

needing directions
I offered my assistance

I smiled when she said I was the best
personal GPS ever

then she smiled when she realized

all of my directions
were leading her

straight to my heart
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 444
The last time
Stephan Sep 2016

She said it to me again today,

and every time I hear it

it feels just as wonderful as the first time

when I hoped it wouldn’t be

the last time
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 578
Just close your eyes
Stephan Sep 2016

Times are tough, I know it’s true
as walls keep caving in
Feel my arms now reaching through
to lift you once again

When all it seems to be too much,
you’d like to run and hide
Just close your eyes and feel my touch,
I’m always by your side

If sadness comes to bring you down
and life feels but a trial
I’m here to take away that frown,
return your precious smile

And even though I’m very far,
much distance fills the view
My heart remains right where you are,
I’m so in love with you
Sep 2016 · 468
Beneath September skies
Stephan Sep 2016

Ecstasy calls,
soft of falling leaf echoes
Passion ignites
within moon shadow sighs
Sensual dreams
flutter autumn desires
Lost in your love
beneath September skies
Stephan Sep 2016

Sluggish, my eyes barely focus,
headlights seem faint
through this cracked windshield
in heavy traffic, bending lanes
with detour signs collecting travelers
like gas station snow globes,
displayed in between blurred white lines

Monstrous *** holes shake me awake
from the thoughts crawling
deep within a weary mind,
a casualty of a night to forget
which will not soon be forgotten
as digital numbers, glaring red
catch my eye and I see . . . 5:38 am

Darkness instantly engulfs the cab of this truck,
dash lights cringe and flash hypnotically,
out of round tires draw skid marks
on a lonely winding pavement
As my feet fall through the floor boards,
scraping on glass shard encrusted asphalt
bleeding beyond the speed limit

White knuckles grip the wheel
while doors become giant guillotines,
slashing at faux leather seats,
exposing rancid foam leaking
battery acid on the engine’s severed heads
Everything begins to spin, losing control,
as I finally screech to a halt at a stubborn traffic light

When I glance to my right and I see her,
singing along with her radio,
more beautiful than any song I’ve ever heard
She notices me staring and smiles,
then rolls down her window and blows me a kiss,
I roll down mine as she points to a little coffee shop
and says, “Care to join me?”  I nod in agreement

I once again catch a glimpse of the clock . . . 5:39 am,
but suddenly time no longer matters
I know most won't even understand what this means, but I needed to face this and try to write it out of me.  Thank you for reading.
Sep 2016 · 621
You do
Stephan Sep 2016

Parallel visions and sifted thoughts
on an amber thread, thin as the beliefs
once found as hope, now falling
beneath sorrowed wings gently gliding

Through hazy eyes and broken tears,
tarnished memories flow within this dawn
as you fade off in the distance, soaring ever higher,
disappearing beyond the horizon

Silence fills the maze that is your mind,
leaving you staring at dead ends and fractured turns,
as the realization that you didn’t matter
forms on clouds of whispering breaths and no one cares

And in the end, you are not sure yourself
from where you once came, a blotted image
on empty shorelines of tangled debris
which may be easily forgotten but endlessly haunts

Still you fly on, seeking those patterns,
abstract meanings that flourish within
the heart of this wanderer, eyes focused
on all of the beauty that awaits

For you know she sits, above the border,
just past the last exit of sadness, dreaming,
always dreaming the same, you do matter,
you do, to her
Sep 2016 · 541
Finding that a breath
Stephan Sep 2016

Like crooked wheels our lives stumble
between the chapters we write
Corners seem dark and teeming with doubt,
alleyways call in echoes of our name,
as if tempting us to crawl when we cannot walk

“Fear begins the parade at our fragile hearts”

Fear begins as shades are drawn
and slotted with eyes watching,
voices ring the halls of the buildings looming large,
rumors of pointed fingers find our ears
in colander fashion, dripping fear at our feet

“We long to speak as waves conduct sound, crashing violently as we hear”

We long to speak but we cry,
hoping these tears will
somehow wash the pain,
fill the gutters and move out to sea,
casting waves upon unsuspecting shores

“Wishes, more waste than want at least of these eyes”

Wishes, more waste when
from the shadows a touch,
softly at first, then strong upon our shoulders fall,
comfort leaps to our hearts in sing song praise,
wishes become goals and finish line adventures

“What is this light, soft yet sure, found within?”

What is this, darkness hints at light
and skies blush among prism colors
and soft breezes collecting on our
damp cheeks and drying the aftermath
of our understanding of reality

“Dreams of these nightmares fade into happiness”

Dreams of footprints in the dirt,
two which are not our own, closely, affectionately
following our way and bringing direction
to our souls, yet the nightmares still flourish
but we do not feel so alone

“Fences built may keep us in yet, may keep us out”

Fences built fall, as this hand, from a distance,
climbing mountains and fording rivers
leads our hearts to the safety of love just beyond
the bricked wall, the ivy covered monolith,
the chain link disaster which once stood locked

“Finding that a breath may exhale peace, again”

Finding that a breath, neath arbors of hibiscus blooms
and teapot pourings, exhales open and
hopeful of the coming truth once lost beyond our dreams,
and we breathe for it feels right to breathe
while facing the darkness, no longer alone
Sep 2016 · 770
Falling for you
Stephan Sep 2016

As we sit together

beneath a sprawling maple
amidst colorful leaves

floating to the ground
like painted snow flakes

I think that autumn
must be the season of my heart

because I am forever

falling for you
Compact Poem Series
Sep 2016 · 461
On any given day
Stephan Sep 2016

It’s funny how the world does spin
an ever turning way
To bring the sun and then the moon
on any given day

With hours steady passing by
they start and then they end
As if in the blink of an eye
to come around again

But then at times it slows a bit
to down below a crawl
As if the earth is standing still
and doesn’t move at all

The skies just sit there lingering
so calm above your head
When suddenly your heart is filled
by something that she said

A smile forms upon your face
your pulse a rapid beat
As breathing quickly slips away,
now weak upon your feet

It’s funny how the world does spin
an ever turning way
Until she whispers “I love you”
on any given day
Sep 2016 · 442
I put down my pen
Stephan Sep 2016

I picked up my pen

to create the most beautiful
and alluring love inspired work of art

anyone had ever dreamed of
and like I always do,

I thought of you

and once again remembered  . . .  
it had already been accomplished

I put down my pen
Compact Poem Series
Stephan Sep 2016

I remember that old electric guitar,
no name brand, a Fender knockoff,
stripped and painted
to look like an American flag
because Peter Fonda made it cool

That Silvertone amp, volume cranked
reverb, two inputs, tubes, bass, treble,
when Sears was the place where
music dreams came alive
because Dad had a credit card

Out in my parent’s garage,
Skippy on drums and John on bass
Wearing shades in the dark like John Kay
A tape recorder mike hanging from the ceiling
Playing “The Pusher” at all hours

Until the neighbors called my mom
and we had to shut the door
or turn it down, we shut the door
Black light posters, an old couch,
power saws and Christmas decorations

We were gonna be stars, rock stars
Chicks would dig us and guys would envy us
Our hair down to our shoulders
Incense to hide certain smells
Bad *** wasn’t even a term yet, but we were

Patch covered jeans, zig zag
and faded denim jackets,
peace signs and headbands,
Santana and Arlo, “Alice’s Restaurant”
Nothing could stop us

I remember that old electric guitar,
the guys are gone now, not dead, just gone
I can still hear Alvin Lee rocking “I’m coming home”
But somewhere along the line I got old (grew up)
when I wasn’t paying attention I guess

I still wear my hair a little long, a little
and I have nice collection of guitars
But that “Rock Star” dream faded long ago
Now I carry a different instrument,
I carry a pen...

and it’s a name brand pen
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