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Sep 2016
My Grandmother said this in her native tone of an African Language;                      

My child, we are all born innocent
Knowing neither war nor peace                

The world was created for everyone to live on
Either big or small
But the one purpose of life has long been buried,
To just live life on Earth                              

Even though, fairness is still in everyone,
Deep down in every bone                          

Then evil takes over, giving selfish desires                                                        

But However good we are, or evil we become,
It all depends on our parents
For our childhood affects our adult personality
"The child is father to man"                        

The discipline we get when young, is what makes us who we really are, when older                                                              

What they expose us to, is what your life may turn into                                        

Our backgrounds build our attitudes, perspectives and feelings                            

Some guardians are mocked by demons,
Well others praised by the Angels              

Mostly, it is the evil we choose to govern our hearts
To hate those with less opportunities, and to stick with the privileged                  

It is not the Race, Religion or Language that makes us a good person, but it is how we look at everyone, knowing that all are equal in the eyes of God                          

Imperfection should not even be the excuse, it is just what we let our brains feed on that makes us grow into what we want to be                                              

Then we treat others with less emotions, as though we ourselves are way too immune to their feelings                

It is the evil in me, the evil in you...and in all of us, that makes us hate another person for no reasons                                

It is not what we do or how we live our lives, but how we treat others, our judgment will be based upon                      

Therefore my child, seek your own way...that way which will make you extraordinary, that way that will make  all to  have a smile on their faces when they leave your presence
For the #Leeartz
Phrank Kankasa
Written by
Phrank Kankasa  Ndola, Zambia
(Ndola, Zambia)   
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