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Sep 2016
I hope you never get sick of me. I hope you wont wake up one day and realize that your feelings dried up like the last drop of rain on a hot summers day. I hope you don't see me as i see myself because god only knows you wont be able to turn back and i don't think you could love me the same. I hope you never wish that we had never met because i myself could never wish for something like that. I hope you can learn to love me forever without ever questioning if we are right for each other because right now my mind seems to think you are no longer in love with me. The teenager love with all its giddiness and butterflies is over but i want to love you much more than that, and i do and that's what kills me. You're so hard to read i cant tell how you feel you've closed up and i just want to talk like we use to. I hope you don't wake up tomorrow wishing it was with someone else.
Jaxton Tyler Redmond
Written by
Jaxton Tyler Redmond  Utah
     Lio and Doug Potter
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