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Aug 2016
If the Bacchae couldve dreamt of our wrecking wracking lust, it would have destroyed them with jealousy.
Tiresias could never have entwined; could never have BECOME and transformed and engulfed and devour as we.

Down with the false idols of sensuality and passion.

Aphrodite is a roadside ****
Cupid: a fat, sickened child
Mother Hera is nothing but a jealous *****.

I lay down my cigarette fire sacrifice. I lay down my vanity and gladly offer a blood sacrifice of myself. All for me. To worship your body. Your lips. Your holy flame.

Hey, I've got an idea.

Let's wrap ourselves around a staff. Naked and entangled. Let me give praise to our passion.
Worship me
Written by
Jor For  Charleston
       skaldspiller and Genevieve
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