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Jor For Mar 2017
Heavy breathing
Cocked furry ear
Sound - alert, then sleep again
Jor For Mar 2017
I will keep being your hero
Gliding on nothing but cables and daring
Catching you to a cadence of pithy one-liners

I will keep being your hero
Beaten and bloodied by owls and doubt
Always with cocky grin backflips and in four colors

I will keep being your hero
With You beside me
Masks not covering flushed cheek smiles and kisses

Your hero
Will protect you
Help you swing a little higher
Fly a little farther

And when I can't be your blue and black gymnastics god anymore
You will still be my hero
  Mar 2017 Jor For
Amongst the forest of your ribcage
Pounding feet muffled by moss beds
Racing and weaving betwixt a wig of vines
Elusive artist, gymnastic god

Can I catch him?
Do I dare try?

If I ever did, or could,
Reach out and ****** his wrist
Would I not ensnare him?
Like severing the flower from her stem,
Wishing to keep hold of her forever,
But just like her petals, he would wither.


I will not tear through these woods that are not my own,
To entwine him around my finger.
He was not made for capture, but to captivate.
This is not a hunt,
It is a game of tag
And I will burn after him
If only for one touch
Before he sprites away again.

A wood elf and his girl
Making love in the forest of your ribcage.
Jor For Mar 2017
You smell like pizza
luckily im a fan of Italian
Jor For Feb 2017
God, im alittle drunk and I hear your crickets
They sound like sci fi reads
And it makes me smile.
They seem like a reminder of the woman in bed waiting for me to finish my cigarette.
Im laughing because I am so happy
Is that something your science projects usually do?
If you are out there....
Thank you
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