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Aug 2016
One Day there was A Bee Named Beevis

Beevis was the fastest bee in the garden

He won all the races

And won all the medals

But still Beevis was sad

Because no matter how many races he won
Or how many medals he was awarded

He still couldn’t smell

Because he had a deviated septum

But Beevis was in luck

Because the Bee Grand Prix was soon approaching

And the Prize was a check for $100,000

And Beevis knew it cost $2,435 dollars to repair his septum

He realized he would be rolling in money.
(Figuratively, of course. Not Literally)

That would be wasteful

So he raced

And he won

Because like I said earlier he was the fastest bee

So he went to the doctor with $2,435

And had his septum repaired

As soon as he left the office he was overwhelmed by smells

He was drawn to a patch of roses

Beevis slowly took in each one’s distinct scent

Beevis had no desire to fly fast anymore

He always stopped to smell the roses

And You Should Too
Written by
Tark Wain
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