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Morgan Jun 2022
I hear you talk away from me.
Your short sighted breath for the wind to carry.

In the meantime my ears are filled
with the strokes of another’s gentle tongue.

You speak to her of similar things that you always say to me. Promises, impossible truths, of the boldness and strength you’d carry for me.

She melts for you unknowingly. She opens up and thinks your lovely, then collapses into you as a delicacy. You take her in, as you’d taken me, and in your arms she falls to prey.

Beating heart, frantically, I try to get away from you. And here he is, a better man, if only you could set me free. If I leave, will you let me?

Short sighted I contemplate, what have I done, and what’s left to come. I leave the good, to protect him from you and let your voice carry into me. Knowing full well it’s nothing but infectious gunk, it drips down my ears to my lungs. Serrated words meant to capture me, my lungs destroyed, I must tear them out. Barely alive, the way you like me. Filled with your poison and half myself, you want me to stay down right here.

You speak to her, and temporarily release me. My bones flood with relief and I collapse into sleep. Short sighted to engage with you. I run in my dreams and taste the fruit of free and lonely.
Morgan Apr 2022
stretches of crushed blue dance above me
and it’s movements are gently torn apart
by sultry ligaments of white translucence

it presses down on me and
as I’m held inside its play
I feel renewal

I breathe in it’s colour and release a little bit
of my own
and it joins in the sways of the atmosphere

the roosters clamor into the dance
and their breath, too, joins the spectacle
with them, I crow
I Shout against my own transgressions

The bulb of light floating above the swirls
impregnates my skim

I find myself asking who do I want to be today?

each exhale is an homage to my pain
and with it I say goodbye

Goodbye dark girl
time to let in the sun
Morgan Apr 2022
I found comradory in the street cats

They amused themselves by batting a clutter of objects discarded and
blown away by a huff of coarse air

they pounce distractedly after hours
away from the skew of ‘not name’ names given
by those who entice them out for affection during working hours
(whom, with distrustful eyes and elongated spines
they surveilled carefully, of course)

Free to be their Little Wild selves

As I noticed the cats lingering outside and in my head
You noticed me
your huntress batting around at the skewed objects over her head
tumbling with the crumpled up receipts of memories
scratching up the snapshots of past times
fiercely engaged in the technicolor yarns of tangled thoughts

You left your bowl out for the pantheress
scavenging the abandoned parking lot of her mind
and listened to her hiss transform into a mew

Now here at the end of all things that Future
whispered falsely into our ears
cat’s got our tongues and
all that’s uttered is
“One day you will find happiness...”

I loved you Dean-o
Your stray cat, your girl, your mo-mo
And, in a lot of ways, I always will
Morgan Sep 2021
I fought for you,
my sweet sky,
through your turbulence
as your own Amelia Earhart that you cast across your currents just to
pass the time

I floated through the patches of static
between breaths
even as my frame risked freezing over amidst the frigidity
with my last specks of warmth I cooed you to your next inhales
all the while knowing the wrath of your exhale was inevitably directed back
towards me

I see the forecast- it’s as clear as the air,
my dear deep blue,
you entertain thoughts of my plunge
amidst other travelers teetering across you at your horizon,
and as the vessel approaches
I have made my descent back
to the reality I buried
deep within the dirt

I’ll fight for you
but Baby Breeze,
I won’t fight over you
Morgan May 2019
Enter me, lovely
I am only for you
gift your fingertips to my vulnerability
let it open
you to the touch of virtue

press your tongue against my tears
revel in my incandescent suffering
drool into me the elixir
of your broad shoulders and will

with me your idea reaches beauty

I’ll lick the iron from your collarbone and ****
the pain out through your lips
and give you the taste of a delicacy
underneath compulsive tenacity

beneath my skin, your idea can birth beauty

let my light
push you out of your partitions
and gift you sight
of your own highest image

I’ll hold tight to your beauty while you don’t want it

let me carry the scent of sacrifice
for you to bottle as desire
breathe in the novelty of righteousness while I

I’ll become an homage of fragility
for you to destroy

only know
I’m taking my beauty and your will
with me when I leave
Morgan Mar 2018
a series of negations
notated through angles
cascading, effervescent
in my life and wayward

my creation
an algorithmic error
personalized, recapitulated
almalgams of ones ones and zeros

looking back I see that sometimes
I would stitch together
turning melodies
from the sinews of the noise
I took from their bellies

but mainly, back then
I just drooled red into the clamor

a decade later I possess
striking imagery
my very own proverb
on visual omnipotence

but its tacky doesn’t oblige me
no more than the sheets of apathy
I peeled from my skin

I found a purpose that flows through my ears
and with it, happily I am
taken away
Morgan Nov 2016
your gusto

ripping through my veins

'merican flags
trump supporters
platinum beer
fireworks flaring
fires visible atop seedy peeled-paint rvs

technicolor lights amped up on edgy recreational vehicles


covered in dirt and filth

eating meat

sizzled atop  
flames atop
charcoal bricks and lighter fluid

complimented by krafts brand
mac n cheese

i am apart of it
you know
your triumph burns sticky, out of my skin

guiltily i came into being

birthed inside anthracitic sediments and lighter fluid

scratching, writhing, biting

at the mercy
of a hyper-paint / subtle-death encrusted
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