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Jul 2016
Piotr Kaczkowski / Minimax:  minum verbis maximum musica; oh, you actually think i like being here? looking at your acne-potato riddle-face of a gob that could oust a kiss? more like a hiss; we are part of a new displacement... only when a native american is president and the blue Indians stop using perfumes in their cuisine... **** creating revolutionaries... any revolutionary beheaded only crafts a cause, more sheepish behaviour, i want a diamond of agitators, agitators, not revolutionaries... who the hell needs revolutionaries when all they do is become in life as in death shepherds... the Jews weren't exiled under the Romans, hence their religiosity flourished, the supposed chose the wrong enemies; the second architectural feat were the upside down garden of Tehran - then came the coliseum, then came football, then came the motto: don't educate your kids, let 'em kick a ball, millionaires in a nano-second they'll be...  not utilising Jews as construction workers with the Babylonian invasion we simply cut the ******* off of some boys in the choir... no biggie...well... a BARITONE BIGGIE...the twelve tribes multiplied by the religious sects in 0 a.d. Judea means there are 24 added to tribes of Judea - the process of consolidating them with Zionism meant that there are too many repelling the idea... and the beast? you think the Lord be born in a Bethlehem stable among the farting ox would have an enemy so highly born or with leading purpose? given that he knew nought of an enemy to his purpose? surely the antagonist would also be lowly born testing the maxim: love your enemies... mm... love them as Cain free or Cain lodged in a prison cell?

if you are raw meat in a slaughterhouse,
i'm basically packaged goods
at a supermarket... when asking children
where milk comes from?
most answer from Tesco - not a cow.
some mother you are giving noun-orientation,
and those that rebelled against communism
just heard better music - the life of hammer
and nail and love that matches canine bite...
they stashed the 70s rock while recording
from radio - an ode to St. John Paul II - hooray!
hip hip hooray! waiting for an Irishman -
the extreme criticism of the Iron Curtain
came with the Martial Law of Jaruzelski -
only two years, St. John Paul II was opening
brothels at the same time
while kissing airport tarmac for a halo...
Solidarity pamphleteers were deemed as heroes
settling from dockers to surf sportswear
shorts millionaires in Florida (the moustache
game gave them away as: ha! early
parisioners of the Church of the Latterday
Deserters) - but when the west conquered
fascism in Germany and decided another Jew
was an enemy rather than a lamb in Auschwitz -
the western powers saved the Jews from Holocaust
but engaged with fascism - it adopted the politics -
on and on and on and on... in a Babylon!* -
capitalism changed from a prised economic model
into a political model, talking Romanian or Bulgarian
we're talking about capitalists turning into Nazis -
we are under fascist authority - V for Vendetta is all
but true... unless you're Irish - you were born fascist as
**** ****** by the British, so unless another James Joyce
pops up like a mushroom, there's nothing to talk about
but the hope for a wet autumn.
democracy loves city states, outside the city states
there's only populism - democracy has a number,
it works within constraints - but the people that remember
communism reflect with negativity only the years
under martial law... all the pretty girls of petty Poland
have disappeared... the men are like... huh?!
capitalism has it's advantages, but now with the former enemy
missing, the gladiator has a tapeworm problem - confused,
the former "superior" moral power is ******* a haemorrhage -
without an enemy the best enemy is itself,
everything overpowering ends up in the ****-pile
of sabotage, as in? you sell faulty goods that aren't Chinese.
every individual knows this, the state is just finding out -
the key is sabotage - the state is learning the individual's
chess game - Communism was never a problem,
Martial Law was, all those Iron Maiden fans with
placards and badges damning communism:
under Communism my grandparents owned a home -
had a chance to own one...
current capitalism is politically a fetish of Mussolini's
routine of shining boots - everything worked fine
under Communism before St. John Paul II opened the brothels
and the market and the wild west / east - they needed a young pope
for advertisement success - fresh ****, coming your way!
(you won't get me peacock proud with that gamble -
i might succumb to reaction if you were a Mongel).
after the young pope gave them access they returned
to the old popes... leaving the slobbering oyster on the throne
as a thanksgiving - pity there was no torture, i'd
crucify that heretic to a national cause like i'd sneeze.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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