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Jul 2016
Captured in the psych ward

Today Ron got out of bed and
Had cereal and toast and then went to the hdu because he found out that his usual hangout burnt down overnight
By a man who has a lot of violence in him, you see this man suffers from schitzophrenia and has these dillusions of Fire being the answer, you see when he burns something down, a voice he claims is gods but it is really
The delusions in his brain saying do it do it do it
Burn it down and collect the insurance and go overseas to travel and everything will be alright and Ron had a lot on his plate with momma rose two weeks after patty roes death
And then this strange man entered the psych ward saying
I don't belong here with no hopers and sick people and
Momma rose went over to him
And said what are you in for
And he said I torched a place down to collect the insurance
To travel around the world
And Ron came in and took the man aside and started to understand why he would do
Awful things to businesses and homes and first of all he said his name was Harry and then he said God wants me to do this, you see if I torch a place i
Can collect the insurance and go overseas and Ron said what Makes you think in your mind that anyone will give you insurance for that and Harry said God always helps the little guys just like me, you see mate
I am different from other people
And Ron said what makes you think that and Harry said you see everyone worries about not
Being able to have kids and me
I don't care because there is so much you have to do
1 look into which school to enrol
Your kids into
2 buy food so your kids don't starve
3 pick up and drop off at school
And sporting events
And momma rose came over
And said Harry, do you want to escape one day, I know where they keep the keys
Because I have people on the outside I want to **** or destroy
And Ron said momma rose can you please leave me and Harry alone and momma rose walked away saying **** your *******
******* and Ron decided that
Harry should be trailed on chlosophine because there are a lot of violent thoughts flying around his head and Harry said
My mate Patrick doesn't want to help me, so he planted his voice into my head saying we don't like you anymore and Ron said we need you to understand the nature of your actions and Harry said I know what I did was right for me and Ron said you need chlosophine right now
And later that day they had  dinner and then Ron bought out the medications and momma rose said I know I killed George Washington but why should I stay here I am better now
When I was a kid we went to hospital to have operations and
Not stuck here watching tv
And Harry said shut up ****
And Ron clocked off and bought pizza and retired to the couch while momma rose played nice mother to Harry
Explaining every show making Harry very mad but he just let
Momma rose talk and that was the first day of Harry

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Written by
johnny georgy brown
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