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Anima Torch Jul 2016
Get out of my house
Get out of my life
I don't want you here
So please say goodbye
I let you in somewhere else
But I didn't here
So get out of my life
I don't want you to stay
Go back to your beach
Or some stack of hay
Leave me be
Go off on your way
You're not allowed to pout
There's one thing I want you to do
And it is GET OUT
I hate sand
Anima Torch Jul 2016
Osterreich hat den Vontrapps
La Belgiquea leurs chocolats
Bûlgariya e nechuvano
Hrvatska je mjesto gdje žabe kreštanje
Kibris bir agaçtir
České čepování piva je z Czechaslovakia
Denmark er ikke Delaware
Eesti kividega
Suomi on lähellä Norjassa ja Ruotsissa
La France a Paris
Deuschland spreache Deusche
I Elláda échei kókkino - skepastí spítia
Magyarország éhes
Tá Éire ar thalamh de fearg
Italia odia quando si ordinal a pizza
Latvija izklausās tualete
Lietuva yra skystas
Lëtzebuerg *** nieft dee Belsch
Malta ghandha hafna ta ' maltu
Nederland wordt geschreeuwd toen Adam een doelpunt
Polska am Marie Curie
Portugal: Valentina: Hey que ê de on de eu sou !
România suná ca locul romanilor
Slovaškia pravi, "zdravo"
Slovenija je an prostem
Equipo de fútbol de España Es la favorite de Karly
Sverige har Minecraft
United Kingdom is leaving
Keep google translate handy while reading this.
Anima Torch Jun 2016
First thing's first
I awaken at six
Only to sleep until seven thirty
I ate breakfast and
brushed my teeth
I went to
swim practice
The fun kind
With relays
That my team won
Lapping the other
Then we got
I put REAL
Clothes on
And took an hour
To install
A half metal mouth
With green bands
As a surprise
It's a surprise for my friend's party
Anima Torch Jun 2016
I sit
Helping my mom
Sticking stickers on various ribbons
I look back on today's swim meet.
During freestyle, I was put in a heat only with a girl who hardly knew the stroke
I touched the wall over five seconds before her, scoring a new high score for my freestyle time; 42 89, which is 42 seconds and 89 milliseconds.
Next, I had backstroke to do with a friend of mine a lane over
Although I was placed for success, I barely came in last for my heat.
Then, all I had to do was read.
Pretties, by Scott Westerfield sat open in my hand, with me absorbing all of the words as if I wrote them myself
Tally was watching her former friend Shay become a monster. Nice story.
After awhile, I started helping my mom put identifying stickers on ribbons.
How lovely
This is about the swim meet my pool had yesterday. From what I counted on the points list, we won with five times as much points as the kangaroos had. Yay!
Anima Torch Jun 2016
The small kitten is meowing a lot
She may want to eat food
You drop some food onto the floor
The kitty eats it up

The small kitten is now bigger
It has been five months
The kitten jumps onto your head
Claws out; it hurts

The small kitten is stalking a toy
She’s taking her time
A paw forward and then she jumps
Batting it away

The small kitten is standing outside
Enjoying the air
You try to pick up off the ground
The kit jumped away

The small kitten is in a box
It is a very small box
She pokes her head out playfully
It looks very cute

The small kitten is now fully grown
A small little scottish fold
She looks right up and smiles at me
Still acts like a kitten
This was also for school. Works best when put to the "Jack in the Box" tune
Anima Torch Jun 2016
It’s odd when two things collide
As if gravity has been defied
His father was suppose to take him away
But the ambulances wanted their say
For when the boy ran into the street to meet his father
To look at the boy the car driver did not bother
And what the car driver did not know
Is that his actions would make a show
But just a second before the crash
Maybe knowing his head would receive a bash
He twisted away from the car as if in strife
Which just might have been the thing to save his life
I made this for school. It's about this kid I was in the same preschool class with in second grade when he got hit by a car. Fun.
Anima Torch Jun 2016
I sit here, watching the animals dance
They sway to the imaginary music playing in my head
The animals themselves are true, but their real forms lack movement
The song pitches into another song phrase, and I sit, imagining that these once live animals could come back to life
Squirrels, cats, wolves, chickens, ants, all the like
They used to live, but now they lay in the pitiful man-made crater in their home
The trees they called their home were gone, taken by the trucks that carried them to the paper plant
The grass they once frolicked on was trampled by the conveyor belt wheels of the monster who stole their home and their lives
And there, sitting in the mess, are the animals, ****** and pulpy and gross
Who wouldn't cringe at this sight? Who would cry their eyes out?
I'll tell you who: the monsters who caused it.
And they call themselves human
When the path they follow leads to more destruction any author could dream up
It saddens me to tell this tale, but it is necessary
You are causing this, just standing there.
Well, go do something!

— The End —