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Jun 2016
The small kitten is meowing a lot
She may want to eat food
You drop some food onto the floor
The kitty eats it up

The small kitten is now bigger
It has been five months
The kitten jumps onto your head
Claws out; it hurts

The small kitten is stalking a toy
She’s taking her time
A paw forward and then she jumps
Batting it away

The small kitten is standing outside
Enjoying the air
You try to pick up off the ground
The kit jumped away

The small kitten is in a box
It is a very small box
She pokes her head out playfully
It looks very cute

The small kitten is now fully grown
A small little scottish fold
She looks right up and smiles at me
Still acts like a kitten
This was also for school. Works best when put to the "Jack in the Box" tune
Anima Torch
Written by
Anima Torch  Writers' Corner
(Writers' Corner)   
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