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Nov 2016
As I live in this unfair world,
years go by as I grow old.
Countless days have passed since then,
days gone along with friends.
What's left is a loneliness that cannot be bent.

Now my only friend is the night.
It's the only one that has the right,
it's the only one that is sincere,
as it lights the silhouette of a little deer.

Now I sit lonely in my room,
watching the night as it envelops the moon.
Yet it cannot hide its entire light,
for the moon is the only one that has the right.
The right to stand above the Earth,
lighting it up since our ancestors' birth.

But the mysteries of the night don't end here,
for the moon regularly,
sometimes disappears.

The stars are the eternal residents of the sky,
living with the universe as its clock goes by.
They illuminate the world with their dim yet blinding light,
staying eternally in their unreachable heights.
They are the pinnacle of the unknown,
guarding the universe's secrets as if they are their own.

The night ends when the morning comes,
going right back to where it belongs.
Waiting patiently for the light to pass,
reliving the memories it already has.

As I see the sun rising up from the east,
it looks more like a ferocious beast,
devouring the light as it passes by,
lighting up the entire sky.

As I stop to think about the midnight moon,
I cannot help but think it was gone to soon,
taking with it the memories of life,
centuries upon centuries of an eternal fight.
Written by
Marian Kutra  18/M/Albania
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