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Jun 2016
I close my eyes
and fade away into a place
in my own mind;
A place where
random thoughts
are mixed and packed
into clouds;
floating lazily.

Sometimes I sit on an
especially fluffy one
and journey somewhere,
until it starts to vanish
from under me,
into little wispy threads...

I forget where I was going
and jump on another one,
and another;
as if skipping and
hopping about.


One cloud crumbles and evanesces,
and another appears;
like stairs--
Appearing one by one
at my feet,
progressing forward,
carrying me.....

I start to forget,
why or how
I ended up here-
but there is
peace here. And comfort.

As I start to enjoy, I know it's not real.
Clouds rain in the real world.
And knowing that scares me.

*I know I have to wake up.
Written by
Tinker Bell  F
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