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May 2016
I used to look at you
And I wanted to be you
I wanted your beauty
Your personality
Everything about you that made people want you
I knew that would never happen
So I settled
Settled for being your friend
For standing in the background
And let you shine
Because you were better
Your light was brighter
And I could only wish to be like you
Then I started to grow
Grow and blossom
So you tried to tear me down
Make me feel worthless
Was it because my light was growing brighter
As yours dimmed
You were becoming toxic
And I was just growing
So you tried to take things away from me
Steal what I had for yourself
And I still question why
But I won't stop you
I can rebuild a life
A life without your toxicity
A life where I won't cry
Or be unhappy
Free to shine without being dimmed
Free to feel better about myself
Cassidy Wilson
Written by
Cassidy Wilson  Oklahoma
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