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May 2016
There is an eunoia state of the mind, I will always dream of being. A peaceful soul within myself, who would stop questioning everything that ever happened, the why and how. But it was a long time ago. A long time before everything seems less complicated. I realized, it is okay to be melancholic once in a while. It is fine for the people or yourself to be an overly sanguine. Live for the moment. If you see anyone who would get angry over things you are done, accept it for your better self, the things that we want to convey but it would be hard for letting ignorant engulfed you. Sorry is the minimal word to be given to anyone who might want or not wanting to hear it. A deep conscience, connecting all of our neurons trying to understand the every minute of life, since we were born pure out of the mother’s womb to the growing bones and flawed skin we carry within. I still hope, the eternal exist. Eternally living, the dreams you ever thought of.
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