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Jan 2012
The key to the past and future
It lives and runs in the essence of a child innocence fends off wrong thinking that leads to guilt it buys
The future without investing in error that is born of greed turn back to the days that are golden purity
Was fixed who sought personnel gain at the harm and pain of others you moved through rings of joy
That were ever present this constant could be found even in the adult world of upheavals in your world
There was a slower pace it never caused to race haste can cause unexpected disaster a Childs hands
Feels its way down dark passages there is still high surges of energy that detect what lies ahead if it be
Good or sad at times that tears are shed by the little ones they hold such power of grace they displace
Lasting hurt with the soulful knowing linked to a higher fathers love if at times of anger danger or
Temptation we would return and stand within this impenetrable wall so many of life’s troubles could be
Shortened and at least lesson their degree of severity the future would unfold with a higher degree of
Nobility standing in the center instead of a begrudging corner resisting freedoms challenge and its
Reassurance that all will be well no we push on we refuse the power that reflection holds surly life is a
Circular affair it isn’t a strange occurrence that has never happened before and there is always the
Divine shoulder to rest on and ask for wisdom but so many are above such things you can see them
Ever where the grim looks are so telling they missed mercy and love that walks by their side no they
Push on ahead they know best all they really do is open themselves to the enemies well laid plan to
Cause them pain and heartache why walk a path of foreboding when there is one drenched in sunshine
Bright happy charms as even and the swell of distant church bells ringing their truth affords a power a
reverie that is ever constant don’t be so adult that you rob yourself from the inner voice that flows in
both directions without fail it finds the higher safer ground your feet sure your life will take on higher
meaning and you will be a source of comfort and wonder to those who know you
Written by
Hal Loyd Denton  Pana Ill
(Pana Ill)   
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