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Apr 2016
i am an unfinished paragraph
a song forever meant to be sung by whoever remembers me when i'm gone
beyond that
i am me
a bag of bones
a bottle of pride bred to survive on cheap ideas and butterflies
a lie
that only the fittest survive
but i'm about as unhealthy as it gets on the inside and i still have some fight left in my faded eyes
i'm not a picture frame
you can't put whatever you want inside of my and expect it to stay
i'm not a coloring book
i am not black and white so you can color me in
i'm black and white so you can learn what it means not to
you'll never see makeup on my face on an ordinary day
because i kinda like my face
it's started to grow on me this way
my *****, natural hair will never be surpressed by irons
because i've grown quite attatched to the way it grows
my body is not a trend
it can not go out of style
my mind is not a notebook
you cannot scribble to pass the time
i'm so much of a free thinker i could have been born in the ocean
because from birth to present day i don't even understand the depths of my mind
and i really want you to like me
but if you don't
do worry
i'll survive
Written by
Riot  Pennsylvania
   Lucinda Hikari
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