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Apr 2016
To see the world in all its glory
From every angle and every view
Is very easily said by all--
Yet, much harder to do
    because of circumstances surrounding the career that I pursue.
I must not take any chances;
Not for me, not for you.
Not for him, not for her,
    not even for God knows who.
Not even for God, himself, at times, if I must be held to truth,
    but not by choice...
    for there's a Beast that blocks the exit to my room.

I stare at it, and it looks back with eyes as cold as night.
I try to speak but where's my voice?
    --whisked away by Fright.
Now, pull yourself together, son. It's only
A matter of time before the Beast awakens once again and opens up its eyes!

But, have no fear, lay in the grass and slip into your state
    or swim some laps around Red Wine Sea; dive in Whiskey Lake and stumble away from the reality that it is all too late.
You cannot run.
You cannot hide.
Your life is now at stake.

'Come out, come out, wherever you are!'
To the beast it's all a joke.
'It'll be over in a jif', he says,
    'you won't even feel a poke!'
But I know this beast, just like myself, the jokes are how he copes.
Weakness lurks beneath its flesh,
Or at least that's what I hope and as I gaze upon the Beast I notice weakness in its throat.
Do I use the knife?
Do I use the rope?
Either one shall **** us both.
Carl Webb II
Written by
Carl Webb II  24/M/Houston
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