Apr 2012

love is my burden, my curse, my devil
the voice that whispers dark dirty spells
into my ear that's been bitten by many
who's compliments have started to sound like drones

and i ensnare them with enchantment, and wonder, and excitement
and they see me in a way that just isn't real
because i'm a creature of persuasion born
to float like a gas, sure, you can see me
but you can't hold me or feel
what's below the surface, so lovely,
a demon that burns from the inside out

a siren, i sing a song of beauty and bounty
as they steer for the rocks, i wear a smile
and i almost sink with them, but i'm still laughing
because i know they're the only ones
that are going to drown

Written by
Quinn  Bremerton, WA
(Bremerton, WA)   
     Michael Bauer and Joel M Frye
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