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Apr 2016
Bones creaking and joints grinding,
Tissue tearing away from itself,
Skin cut, ripping further,
Blood from every wound flowing,

A ****** creature sentenced to death,
Without sight or feel or smell,
Loosing control of all itself,
The lights begin to fade to black,

And yet somehow it stumbles on,
It fights itself to push forward,
It moves slowly toward the monster,
The same one that crippled it to start,

A creature that refuses to die,
It will not succumb to the pain or darkness,
As long as there is a purpose,
It's goal is all that it can see,

This creature cannot be beaten,
This creature cannot be stopped,
It will achieve it's goal no matter the cost,
**Such is my love for you
Maximus Tamo
Written by
Maximus Tamo  Tomah
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