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Apr 2016
When the wind winds down
I want to die with it.
When darkness embarks on a cloud
I want to cry with it.
Because its tears aren't enough
To quench the thirst of our Mother,
And the fleeting songs the air sings
Reminds me of a fleeing lover.
Coming back now and
Again to touch her
To remember her curves,
Her structure.

When I see trees withering in spring
I can feel my soul dry up and shrivel.
Death flowering, in a garden of our drivel.
How careless we are as people,
Perceiving things without thought
As lesser beings.
When our hearts only beat because of the life they bring.

I feel like garbage, when I see it on the street
Like the world is a trashcan, full of humanity.
We are ****. We are useless. We are incomplete
When our souls don't communicate
On nature's frequency.

I want to give my life,
To save our dying planet
But my soul is tarnished
By what we've done to Her.
We should all just die
To save our Mother.

Slur pee
Written by
Slur pee  26/F/Texas
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