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Jul 6 · 113
Slur pee Jul 6
My cavernous heart will devour you whole,
Only for you to quickly decompose.
Hello? Hello.. Hell, where did you go?
Lost in the darkness that overflows.
Drowning in the depths of its thalassic hold;
Ebb and flow, this pain I know wanes only to grow.
I’m a slave, like the tide to the seraphic face of the moon.
Guided by life to find the perfect place for my tomb,
The cratered space I desire to bury myself into.

Slur pee May 2021
Heart attacks, en masse
I wear a mask when I relapse-
*******! The laugh track’s scratched.
Tied a knot out of my tongue, instead of the cherry stem.

It’s so sad... how when I fall apart,
It’s like I needed that; the blowback,
From a shot through the mouth into a brainstem.
The hole that starts in my nose ‘cause I snort things that erode-
The soul, and leave my bones to hold a fetal pose.
My brain recites such delicate prose,
Whispered to me by the specter of your notes.
A voice I no longer know…

Where’d you go?
My head’s a black hole.
This grey matter’s decomposed.
I’m scared to death, talking 'bout
“Ruh-rohs” and “Hell nos!”
Trying to outrun your ghost
but, I’m stuck inside smoke Os...
Scattered across the ozone,
Riddled with “I don’t knows”

I want to exorcise my heart,
But I don’t want to be alone.

Apr 2021 · 365
Black Sacrament.
Slur pee Apr 2021
Sweet Mother,
Sweet Mother
Send your child unto me,
For the sins of the unworthy
Must be baptized in blood and fear.
Open your mind's ear, Listener
The Black Hand must grasp this sinner.
For sweet Mother, for our Brothers
We must make them all suffer.
Bathe in blood, and dance bare
Neath the moon's darkened glare,
Where we ensnare the foul creature
Drain her blood and then eat her.
O' Mephala, O' Sithis
Curse all of those that sin,
With the void of death's darkness.
Sealed with Mother's sweet kiss.

Apr 2021 · 285
Pretty in the dark.
Slur pee Apr 2021
When your eyes graze my cheeks
I cringe internally,
They're dead and they see
Every flaw that crawls on me.

But you always made me feel so pretty,
On your springy bed- when you said
"**** the lights and turn your head"
And I would let, darkness consume
My arms, my legs, and you;
With closed eyes and beauty, new.

Slur pee Apr 2021
Er.. Which is it? Monster or man?
Who cares?! He’ll slay the gorgon, ****!
His eyes cast a fierce light,
His hair scared into white,
And for the right price he wields death in his hands.


There’s a pink puffball with quite the appetite,
Doesn’t chew food, he inhales it with all his might.
He can’t fly very far,
So he likes to ride on stars.
Defeating evil as he goes, with every bite.


Test tube mutant cursed with the stupid
N. Sane in the brain, heart shot by cupid
Breaks boxes with a twist
Helpless without his sis,
Won’t stop ‘til Cortex has been uprooted.

Limericks based off videogames.

(The Witcher, Kirby, and Crash Bandicoot.)
Apr 2021 · 1.8k
Slur pee Apr 2021
I make my own soup and I kiss my own boo-boos,
I tell tall tales about love, hell, and voodoos.

I cover up my sadness with jokes, smoke, and malice
Who knew living a tragic life could feel so lavish?

God and I have a pretty tight relationship
I talk to him every night when my fingers touch my lips.

I throw my bones at dogs and contort my soul for fun,
Chewed up, spat out. I’m just like everyone.

Apr 2021 · 112
The most revolting poet.
Slur pee Apr 2021
My hellos echo inside this black hole,
My heart’s a no call no show, down-in-the-dumps hobo;
Haunted by the ghost of your sucrose coated love.
I’ve licked my fingers down to the bone trying to
Feel it just once on my tongue again.

My brain’s a necrophage, feeding on your face
Until I can’t recognize the taste- the shape,  
You’re just a skull in a grave, and I crave
To decompose alongside you in the bed you made.

My frame has been shoved down the **** drain
And the incessant drip drops sound just like your name.

I’m a repulsive cultist drowning my emotions in solvents,
Trying to deal with the loss of the most revolting poet.

Mar 2021 · 120
Creepy crawlers.
Slur pee Mar 2021
I can feel your little bites, like parasites
breaking down effervescent days
into still, silent nights; prying porous flesh
with the scent of death,
lingering in cratered moonlit breath.
Is this where i was meant to be led,
repeatedly fed, to these hungered hands?
again, my feet scrape this familiar path
wearing down the dirt that buries me,
internally. covering everything that hurts,
so i can never be allowed to scream.
split my lungs and let them seep,
release all i have held in when i breathe;
weak waves and shallow water
my song is carried, but still, it falters.

feel my microscopic actions and
minuscule movements
as i crawl between your flesh
robbing you of nutrients;
trying to survive and thrive, like little

Creepy crawlers, horrors, and lawyers
keep enforcing these busted borders.
They're stalking my chalk lines;
exploring the fine folds where time slows
And my songbirds carry broadswords,
so it's good morning, Deathblows
every time the pendulum tolls.
My silhouette is wedged between
two threads protruding from my neck
and Beelzebub possessed the helm just
to twist my alphabet into a triple threat,
so when I speak the receiver has
to navigate an end-game quest.
But I promise I'll do my best
against these wretched guests
so long as you heed my request
and enjoy yourself no matter
where the road lays etched.

-SLuR & S.K.G.
I love you Kelly.
Slur pee Mar 2021
Oh darling, that's such a lovely vase,
It's a waste that you keep it hidden away.
Why don't you take it out of that obscure place,
And put it by the window to catch the sun's rays?
I'll go out and buy flowers today,
To add some color to your life
That is gray.

Jesus Christ, mom!
I already told you,
It's a ****.

Mar 2021 · 232
Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Slur pee Mar 2021
The moon, it calls me,  
I wake inside of a dream.
My desires in reach.

There is no way to fight this genjutsu.
Slur pee Feb 2021
I like the way god takes his time to pull the knife out of my spine.
The tingles climb my vertebrae, all fun and games, with bony snakes
clutching to broken ladders. Huff n’ Puff crowned The Magic Adder.
Blow my house down, and let it fly away; The Kansas view was lame
and I’ve heard Oz is all the rage. There’s no place like a broken home,
Sticks and stones held together by thin worn rope. Deliberately
place the frail bones and mark the way to the white rabbit’s stagnate hole.
I’d let myself fall.. slip through the fingers of your disfigured gods
And they’d watch me twitch and crawl, erratic, like a dying insect
So close to death but not quite there yet, I can’t seem to find the way
Crush me with your weight, I love how it feels to be completely erased.

Aug 2019 · 312
Stupid bitch.
Slur pee Aug 2019
Life’s a missed stitch, a stain, a misprint
A crumpled ball inside your head,
Ironed out and wrinkled again;
Tossed into the waste bin, I kissed the rim
And slipped, now I’m holding onto the edge
Like some failed gymnast- a trapeze artist
Without a sense of balance.

Stupid *****.

You balled a fist attached to weak wrists,
Went for an easy hit, swung and missed;
Knocked yourself unconscious.

Slur pee Jul 2019
Would you remember my face
if it were a different shape,
If our souls burned a new fate in another time, another place?
Were we only meant to graze against the grain of this timeframe,
Should I bargain away
all of my chips in this game
or should I fold and wait for another time, another place?

Apr 2019 · 291
Untitled 46.
Slur pee Apr 2019
The devil lies on top of my windowsill
With whispered spell. In an ensorcelling hell,
He sniffs tricks up his sleeves and his tongue has become numb
To the weeping and gnashing of his rotten teeth.
The words he speaks are only born to deceive.
He creeps into sleep inching towards my infant dreams
And takes their life from me. Hold my throat, abort my screams.
When I wake take all that I see; blind me to the truth with illusory inventions,
Fact erodes with the friction of silky fabrications. Hold me in your visions
As the phantoms sing hymns of their unholy afflictions, for eternities
I shall be trapped in his perdition.

Jan 2019 · 372
Mad libs for sad kids.
Slur pee Jan 2019
Give me an adjective to describe this:
The _______ loneliness.
The itch that persists to ____ my skin,
______ twitch; the urge to give in.
The voices that
_____ me not to resist.
________ nothings in my head,
Death howling in the wind, a hand to
_____ in my grasp, life slips away like sand.

haunting, kiss, finger, coax, bittersweet, extend, tightly, SLuR.
Nov 2018 · 470
Crepuscular Crustacean
Slur pee Nov 2018
Nomadic motivation moves the masses at midnight;
Meandering, shambling souls moaning for innovation with
neanderthal persuasion. Keep the pace past paleolithic,
and gift the gifted with a wicked sickness. Instilled hatred,
From decades of desecration. The profound **** and violation
of the womb that holds all creation, our embryo of imagination
Decaying with elation while I shift my shells to match the constellations.

Oct 2018 · 341
Odium on a podium.
Slur pee Oct 2018
Hatred animated across canvas faces.
Acquainted with the animus of the populace,
The phantom of repulsive passion silently passes;
An abysmal abomination
Shifting vertebrae with trepidation,
Contorting form and revolting the masses.

Sep 2018 · 515
Tell me no lies.
Slur pee Sep 2018
My wishes sit upon a faded sunrise, held close to my side
More and more, I find, you shy away from my eyes.
A fickle lover, who never learnt to say goodbye;
It just clings to your lips like the desire to kiss-
I crave your spit. When I think I’ve gotten you, you slip
Like the ribbon on a gift when greedy hands eagerly open it.
Leave me with your wrapping, and I’ll crumple in the corner
As you present yourself to others my body slowly becomes colder,
Living off the warmest memories of my fading, fickle lover.

Aug 2018 · 561
Happiness is intimate.
Slur pee Aug 2018
Bony fingertips pry,
Cut me open, peek inside;
See the demons where they lie
Dressed in heavenly disguise.
Their feathers tickle my intestines
With sacrilegious sickness.
Bleed me of my illness,
And gift me with forgiveness.
Cradled in the sanctity of Death’s grip,
Touched by hideous intentions
With no eyes to birth a witness.

Slur pee Aug 2018
The only difference is, come spring, they’ll be blooming happily as the night sky stars slowly fade away from me as decaying fantasies.
Slur pee Jul 2018
Always out of reach to my preaching fingertips,
Righteously speaking of a dream,
Whose face they have never seen
Emotionally accusing the obscene,
Whatever that means..
What’s held back by the screen
As it’s sifted assiduously,
I-wish-they-were-forgotten memories
They always manage to creep back inside of me,
As a nightmare, “Aaand.. Scene!”  it’s all imaginary
Just rehearsal on repeat, it’s not happening, it’s not happening
Outside of fluttering eyelids, there’s no monsters in your sheets
Just the ones that breathe against your skull,
No ghoul but, a ghost- a howling specter that can’t let go
It makes its presence well known, in the darkness it is home
And I am merely a guest, in its humble abode.
A parasite on my soul, a gracious host;
Serving anguish paired with laughter as it toasts,
“To dying alone, and rotting with scorn straight through your bones!”

Death, carves a smile upon the eternal scowl scarring the earth.
Though he leaves me at sunrise, after eating hell as sleep’s dessert.

Jul 2018 · 322
How sweet you must taste...
Slur pee Jul 2018
Time, I’ve learnt to waste remembering your freckles and their exact placement across your face, how your hair settles in waves when you allow it to cascade, every drop of inked flesh my fingers crave to trace; Imagining your strength when you’ll warm me with embrace, the way your mellifluous laughter intoxicates and thinking of just how sweet you must taste.

Jul 2018 · 328
Paul, it ticks.
Slur pee Jul 2018
The fuse is lit, wrapped against your wrists
Prisoner of freedom, prisoner of ****.
Grip dissident fists, slip, and miss the government.
An insignificant kiss across unfeeling skin,
Desensitized to the reeling of our unified minds
The serpent, the centipede that dually writhe inside,
Left and right, tickling spite to erupt in minacious laughter
As the herd move along our prayers slither into the slaughter.
Plastered proclamations and pinned ignorance:
“I voted for a puppet” but who’s the ventriloquist?

Jun 2018 · 314
Pick and prod.
Slur pee Jun 2018
Silence starves while the blind ******,
The deaf stand around soggy soapboxes
As the mute cry out, standing tall and proud-
Sinking into the ground.

TV screen dreams scream to the consumer,
Better teeth! Perfect skin! A remedy for your horrors!
Watch us die in 4k, crisp and clean color,
Lovely scenes to sate your inner ******.

They gorge on god, swell with his alcoholic blood
Like corpses found plump,
Faced down and washed up on the mud.
Pick and ****, the devil hidden inside of deities
Point your finger in the mirror,
And blame him for these monstrosities.

Satan, an obscenity
Cleanse our sins, vicariously
Watch the needy help the needy help the needy
Help the world fill the fat bellies of the greedy,
With their ripe pockets and freudian slip kisses;
Their black hole secrets and ****** ridden lips.
Fuscous pus oozing from blistering skin,
Eagerly spreading the disease that sleeps-
Dormant within.

Slur pee Jun 2018
Emasculate our brains and
Release these reins
Planted- firm on our stems.

I’ll change the carved course
That makes me just like them
With shaky, unstable hands
Unable to fix this fallen hem.
To hold closed my seams, all nice and neat.
Cover myself, beneath these twisted sheets.
Darkness a lover, that always ***** me deep
And leaves me in the corner, as I gently weep
Softly steals the air I breathe. Consuming,
Surrounding, delicately shrouding me.

Blind my eyes and deafen ears to screams,
And I’ll always ask you an appealing “please?”
To calm the howling winds, that sneak against my window
And make Death weep inside my head, like a freshly scarred widow.

Slur pee May 2018
I hit the target
Every time, almost
Regarded as a ghost,
A sacrificial host.
Oh look! Another
Accidental joke;
A cruel hoax
To stoke a beat
Betwixt my bones,
To gift me worms.
Watch me squirm
Beneath the dirt;
Coax the roaches
From their holes,
Crawl, alone
Across the Earth.

May 2018 · 283
Slur pee May 2018
Don’t look, cover it up
There’s a story, in which, my eyes shut;
The protagonist at fault, for I exalt
Death, and his graceful waltz-
A hand offered once, refuse I shall not
Tiptoe through Time’s chambers and vaults,
To a cacophony of beats, infant and aged;
Slowed and fast paced, Life holding decay
To her own gorgeous, revolting face.
And I turn my eyes away, to sway
In darkness and its deep embrace,
To mellifluous moans of pain.
A ****** display.

Slur pee May 2018
I hold coward’s doubt

Tuck it away, behind my ear

With wisps of hair to hear

Your whispers, clear.

Unlock the coffer of my thought

With skeleton key, fumbling-

*******, the most intimate parts of me.

Bony hands grasp at my invisible flesh

Clawing away, at the nothing that is left.
Apr 2018 · 661
Slur pee Apr 2018
I know that I’m small
And tend to build structures too tall,
They inevitably weaken;
Crack, crumble, and fall.
The ruins in this beaten chamber,
A reminder- a cratered scar,
A place for me to sink into the filth
and idly crawl.

To hide from heights of hope,
To run away from your calls.
Get rid of you in thought,
And heart

Abandon all.

Slur pee Mar 2018
My heart doesn't crumble when they finally go,
When they take their prodding fingers out of my soul,
Because they were in already-made holes,  
Whose depths, long ago, have come to plateau;
So curious fingertips, aren't missed  
When they finally stop trying to scratch an itch-
Or cease their search for a scab to pick, a wound to lick;
I'm used to it, the pain that sits atop these heavy eyelids...  

And with this weight comes benefits,

I never have to show,
The world will never know:
That deep inside, I'm small and vulnerable
Because tears no longer grow when they only come to go.  

Mar 2018 · 348
My lover of Valdaro.
Slur pee Mar 2018
Entombed inside your bones, my soul will fade in the comfort of home.  
Let our skin shed to the tone of our heart's reprise, as they fall into repose.
Don't ever let me go, entwined underneath the moon's shine,
As Death softly kisses our foreheads, goodnight

Feb 2018 · 566
What's wrong with me?
Slur pee Feb 2018
Why are others mouths inclined to draw the pictures I try to scribble out that form inside my mind?
A worthless, spineless creature- almost serpentine, wriggling on its belly baring cyanic, lachrymal eyes.
I want to squirm from this Stygian tomb, disenthrall my thoughts from the shadows swimming with me
inside this amniotic pool. I'm just a worthless fetus, a crumbling parasite and perhaps it becomes more
obvious when I try to keep it out of sight, like a stench you try to hide; Dulcify decomposition with a rain
of fragrant petals and slowly you'll come to find that magnolias smell of death, I can taste it
slightly on my breath and it whets their appetite, the demons that stink of ammonia that gather every
night orchestrating their symposia, their bellies full of laughter and drink while I'm full of minacious,
eternal thoughts that writhe through plumbless wrinkles and ichor, questioning motivation and what it  
is I fight for. I can never find the right answers... My tongue won't grasp the words, they just slip back into
their couthy throat where they can't be ignored; Left to die upon the shore, as fuscous waves that stain  
sand with rejection crash against my shattered form. My hands crack trying to flip the hourglass back  
and my eyes are constantly attacked by depression's thalassic pulchritude, a multitude of pains swaying
to and fro in veins, begging for escape but trying to stay encased. Life nulls and denudes, my aptitude  
for feeling- my natural ability to hold things close without unreeling heartstrings. Keep reading, there'll
be no eucatastrophe just endless pages of pointless animosity and tragedies accompanied by laugh  
tracks, everyone loves a jester with a proper act and I act a proper klutz futzing around with letters and  
spelling, trying to ensorcell any being to find my misery compelling.  

Feb 2018 · 313
Teeth and dreams and skin.
Slur pee Feb 2018
I want to feel our lips fit the way a puzzle shifts from a blurry image to something perfect 'cause when nightmares aren't clinging tightly to my lashes it's your smile that flashes brightly against these worn screens, softly hushing my tossing, turning screams; lifting me to clouds of peace where I'd strangle stars to fulfill my **** dreams to feel your arms around me and have your hands travel my body, like a nomad looking for a habitat to rest at finding my breast's beat comforting enough to fall asleep. The way your breath would sing lullabies to me, untwisting the fright that tightens the muscles of my shelled mind. I'll unlock the door and let you inside if you promise not to rearrange the furniture behind my blind eyes. I'm accustomed to counting tiles, so bare for me the ones that live hidden by your lip's smile and I'll bury the number inside of my skull and won't ever find the courage to let that number go.

Feb 2018 · 809
You, you, you.
Slur pee Feb 2018
Your face slips along the wrinkles of my brain,
And my fingers trace the shape as they dance between my legs.
I sigh your name… to make you feel a little closer
But, you’re far away and you’ll never be my lover.
I’m yours to claim, but who would take something thrown away?
I’m filled with shame and I can’t scrub off these stubborn stains,
So, it’s better we stay separated by years and miles and feelings
Your words cut me deeply, imagine the wounds left by nerve endings.
I don’t need skin to feel touched by you, you writhe within
Shaped like fluttering butterflies and erupting cocoons,
Like sunrises whose colors aren’t muddied with doom.
I think I need you, I think I love you, I know I want you
Yet I don’t know what I am or how and where I stand.
I feel like I’m a void thrown to explode into your own,
Constricting and expanding inside our black holes.
Friendly words to bore you when you’re feeling alone,
Enough to occupy your mind and body, just not your soul.

Feb 2018 · 225
Silence my sadness.
Slur pee Feb 2018
Cut the frog out of my throat, but preserve it in formaldehyde  
I'll croak with all my thoughts when they're born, infanticide
Of my mind, where these demons run and hide.  
Enticing me to seek, they know I'll never find.
I hear their footsteps when I sleep, pittering
A gentle rain, a drizzling of the pain I wish would go away
I've counted to ten, tenfold by tenfold, but it doesn't go
It bares its teeth and holds. Shows me the love I wish you would give,
Covers me in kisses that severely bruise my willingness...
I've been hanging by threads, pulled taut against the world's arrogance
One by one they've snapped and taught me of my own irrelevance.
I'm falling down a helical structure and my skeletal form can't muster-
The strength I need not to rupture, so excuse my seams  
And all the creepy crawlers that fall out, their legs wriggling to the sky.
Each twitch a quiet cry, ignore the crunch as you walk on by
Over the anthills of my depression, my eyes must be regressing  
Because their size to me, seems devastating; Mountain peaks,
Out of reach, unless I wink and squeeze... thumb to forefinger,
The shadows they cast makes hope waver as the sadness it reels
Silently lingers.

Feb 2018 · 290
Kawn Shelly.
Slur pee Feb 2018
A kickboxing kingpin, splitting skulls
Boom! There it goes, your mind explodes
Grab a Kleenex as you head out the door.
Kibitz with the cool cats 'bout kibbles 'n bits
And smooth jazz. Bright like a kumquat,  
You don't know squat; Knowledge is a knocker
Busting through doors with manners improper.
Cackle with the cattle as they pass over the mantle,  
A klutz in the gravel, but the lil' rascal can leave you frazzled  
And clinging to the scaffolds with masterful power.
Check the cadastral, he owns God's throne and then some;
Kicking kitschy angels out the nest 'fore they grow their halos.
Shot Happy to killjoy, bound his body to a killick
and the water smacked
Now he's swimming with the goldfish and they smile back.

Feb 2018 · 323
Licker’s quiquor.
Slur pee Feb 2018
I don’t want to leave home
Or answer the phone
But it hurts to be alone
So I throw my words and throw,
Though over and over they’re ignored,
Grazed over with scorn, gaze held
Scourged by the judging eye of a mother,
Like a priest devouring a child-
****** ******.
Crimson fingertips
Over shush-shushed lips,
The pain I kiss,
Twists itself towards happiness
But thoughtful eyes drip, and I slip
Bawling like a baby gripping tight fists,
I swing and always miss and I can’t fix
Anything if I don’t know what’s broken,
Or how it’s supposed to function.
Does this come with instructions?
I need help...
And I guess my pride doesn’t swell
Cause I’m asking you “please?”
As if you’re a wishing well.
But greed only hungers for hell
And you’re green up to your gills,
Feeling ill,
Wanting all the secrets I can’t spill
I’ll whisper in your ear,
If you teach me how to feel.
I’m tired of being tired
And I can’t fall asleep
Still, I’m having dreams
That make me doubt reality.
I’m not a part of this,
There’s not any you in me;
Even though I hear your name
Betwixt broken heartbeats...
Mellifluous, yet sad sounding
By my side, though far reaching,
Like the death behind smiles and
All these stars that I see.
Dusty wishes, that amount to nothing.

I guess it’s true, that we’re all stardust
That settles onto earth as a fragile crust,
Wiped away by one fatal gust.

Feb 2018 · 273
Sweet Pea.
Slur pee Feb 2018
I wish to appease,
To hold your fragility;
A soft-petaled breeze.

Heart's field: you root deep,
Yet my fingers will not reach
To **** your beauty.

Slur pee Jan 2018
Bang! the smoke trails off of your fingers...

The smell of skin and blood, I find, tends to linger.
I can still taste it dancing in the air, intoxicatingly sweet
And just like you, utterly nauseating.

You smiled at me from 100 feet above...

The shape of your teeth morphing into needles,
And with morphine qualities, I inject them into me
Alongside every memory.

Satisfied with your ****, you pulled out your dagger...

Your weight haunts me,  
Clinging to my body like a frightened babe,
A desperate lover, an infectious parasite.

You carved deep into my chest, claiming your trophy...

I don't miss it.  
The erratic pangs of guilt and hope and hurt, worst of all
That ******* love, who'd always shove rejection in my face.

My heart beat in the comfort of your palm as I felt crimson rain...

Death pitters and patters, tapping bony fingers across my skull
Thoughts he has encumbered in my head leave life null,
His scythe slices, dull.  

You smiled at me from 100 feet above, the sun blinding...

I'm your dog.
Shove my nose in ****, scratch my back. Leash me to the past,
I know all of the tricks- spin and sniff, follow the tracks.  


Jan 2018 · 269
Draugr King.
Slur pee Jan 2018
He stood over shambling souls, his skin falling from his flesh
I could feel the daunting grip of death exude from his breath.
Steadily he held his gaze, carrying countless years of waste;
All the life he had had to taste lay at his feet, disgraced.
I could feel a shiver snake, sneakily down my fragile spine,
And my bones became flimsy as they slowly jellified.
In the presence of the lord of flies, maggots penetrate your mind.
Eating membrane and shades of grey, ******* your sanity behind.
Memories turn into feces rotting in your hollow head;
For even death needs a ruler, and rule the dead he did.

He flashed a wormy grin and bled from his mouth,
Joyfully announcing that I’ve stepped into my grave,
Woefully denouncing me as his eternal slave,  
His words squirmed through decaying brain;
Though wounded, my bravery was not slain
For beside him grew roses on a porcelain face.
If he controlled the dead, she must own their hearts and souls
A glance into her eyes caused a fluttering amongst my own,
I could almost feel them leave as ghosts to her haunting beauty.
Foreign myths place names to such a woman; Macaria, Persephone
Mistress of blessedness, cursed to Death's grip; his unwilling queen.

I held my sword and braced, my heart raced before my feet
Ignoring the fear that demanded I heed, to smite the Draugr King.

Slur pee Jan 2018
The atoms that make up my body are particles of dirt,  
The wind swept me away, now I'm particularly hurt.
Adam was the snake and Eve was the tree;
We're the worm left wriggling between teeth.
My rib cage gives birth to insects and palpitations
While my brain *******, quietly with anticipation
Keeping thoughts hidden in old socks and between sheets,  
Pain, a private pleasure meant only for-  
Me and my delicate expectations, shatter upon *******  
With religious dedication. Probe the world in its delicate place,
Where time ceases to exist and life has been erased.

Jan 2018 · 379
Any land but this one.
Slur pee Jan 2018
You're the color of chittering pansies, giggling at my visage
You've the elusiveness of a panicked rabbit, scurrying towards slippage  
Down a hole I go, how far? I do not know, perhaps time will stop and I'll float
Like smoke O's and alphabet accusations, questions confused by answers
Running to circle back again, disoriented though stuck in place.
How many oysters must I taste before the guilt can be erased?
Thrown to waste, slit a smile upon my face while I fade.
You're a thief, with a turtle shell hidden in your pocket
Mock my strength by stripping me of defenses.
I'm always late even though time doesn't move,  
And you don't like tea so you'd rather snooze.

Jan 2018 · 276
Inconsistent continuity.
Slur pee Jan 2018
I live for the lies and false hope towered high upon your crumbling throne.
And you cried when you told me so, holding my soul and tethering my bones.  

Jan 2018 · 242
Be a man.
Slur pee Jan 2018
Engorged veins, webbed around mounds of musculature
Bound to the role, like notations inked on tablature;
Harmonious oppression, swallowed down like rejection
Buried underneath years of brainwashing-  
Shampoo and deep condition.  

Masculinity is found, dug out from depths of sensitivity.
Emotional vulnerability held open to harness forceful energy.
Washed by one hand, you turn and cleanse the other;
For strength not only travels through engorged veins
But, also carves paths from heart to brain, brothers.

Slur pee Jan 2018
She’ll cut her own words open, to gut them of any sentiment
Leaving all and any notions crushed under her foot like sediment
Strung up inside her heartstrings, she suffocates her feelings;
Lets them feed upon nothing to regurgitate the empty.
Her eyes are hollowing, all edges sharp and blunt
With a gaze that howls like death, aching for your touch
To **** you with her deliberate rejection.

A capitalist with her affection.

Jan 2018 · 268
You mean so much to me.
Slur pee Jan 2018
I’ve never heard your voice or the way it wavers when you’re sad, how it grows when you’re angry or the words your bitter tongue throws when you’ve gone mad. I’ve never felt your palm brush against my own, my fingers have never known the warmth you could give them in the cold. I’ve never heard your heart and I don’t know if it would work, does it sputter and cough a dusty beat or operate smoothly, churning and pumping robotic and coolly? I’ve never felt your weight, heavy, on top of my own. Never clawed down your back, never curled my toes savoring how you moan. I’ve never felt your pain, and I know I’ll never know just how far the blackness stains you, just how deep that hole can go. I’ve never kissed your lips, have yet to taste your skin; to see you peel it back, to have you hold me within. I’ve never been very special, have never held any importance so, I know one day you’ll leave me with only haunting apparitions- of a face I’ve never seen, smile naturally or wake deep from sleep and wipe off the morning. I’ll never feel the sting of missing you as I watch you leave or the backhand of happiness when you return yourself to me, but I know I won’t forget you when you’re just a fading memory because even though I’ve never, I’ve always loved you dearly.

Jan 2018 · 381
I've a homeless heart.
Slur pee Jan 2018
My roof is leaking grey matter, splattered disaster
Scraping, against the grain of my skull.

Slow drip- set in, filling my mouth
Till it bubbles down my throat.

Locked in a chokehold, mock
The dams in my nose as they burst.

I can’t feel hurt, nerves don’t work
Paralyzed emotions feel heavy, all around.

Shelter caved in, weak foundation
Couldn’t stand up to the floods.

I’m left a wreck, cemented
Inside a pool of blood.
Gushing, like a war-torn *****
Spread my eyelids wide open
And show me more.

Expand these clouds that clout me with persistence,
Breaking all that has come into my existence
Inside its heavy rain, inside which, I’m shamed
Named, a parasitic pariah plotting pain.
Children look away, keep your wishes safe
Tethered to the ground so they can’t fly away.
My own ride the melancholic wind that brushes
Against my cheeks in the cold, that hushes
The silence that sneaks upon you as you grow old.

I’ve a homeless heart and a nomad soul,
My body the grave to which they will return.

Jan 2018 · 378
Wubba lubba dub dub.
Slur pee Jan 2018
Shadows crawl into the light, a cowled face I can’t erase.
Replace my vision with the blind but leave a trace of your outline,
Enough for me to taste, to hide with sniffs- come back in drips;
Make my nerve endings slip, and miss the grey. Numb to pain,
Slitting wrists and feeding veins. Bitten lips can’t kiss without feeling shame,
So I’ll smile like a snake, turn, and slither away. Defense mechanisms activate,
The rattle sounds before I feel its strike
And I only see its eyes after feeling the bite;
Pleasure always comes guised as demise,
I’ll grab its hand tight, and let it be my guide
As we follow the venom that writhes inside.  

Slur pee Jan 2018
I spent a few minutes
Looking at pictures of pretty women,
Trying to see how I fit amongst them
It took me a minute to realize I didn’t.
Though ugliness was found inside the difference, only a second split before my decision that I was indifferent to my physical appearance and found flawed pieces perfectly packaged in each member of our species. Yet, beauty to beheld could be seen inside their shells when the tides hidden by their eyes would subside and expose fragility of an intimate kind.

So why am I terrified that you won’t find my pieces packaged perfectly, when the important pictures are aligned inside my mind rather than the outside?

My tide is always low
My mind naked and exposed
But all these shells I bare and show
Are shucked and thrown into depths unknown, to be left alone.

Jan 2018 · 555
Make me beautiful.
Slur pee Jan 2018
Cover me in the pigment of your skin,
Trace my flaws with fingertips and watch as they diminish.
Help me find god, I’ll call to him in a quiver-
A prayer laid in your ears, by a gentle whisper.
Snake your arms around my spine as it slithers into shivers.

Twist my frame into a beggar,
“Please, sir, I want some more.”
You’re a giver to the paupers,
Benevolent and adored;

Paint me as many pictures, in many forms
Create something beautiful for others to behold
With your talent and your care, your body and your words.

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