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Apr 2016
There upon the top of "the Skull"
Stood three old ****** trees,
That have see the ages change,

They had seen the older times,
When people slaughtered by command,
All types of animals to save themselves,
But the bloodshed could never end,

These trees have seen the New ways,
They have seen the lack of sacrifices,
They know the feeling of freedom,
They stand as reminders of the Old,

Upon this small hill,
These three trees saw the ages change,
With a final sacrifice, of Human blood,
One final all encompassing ****,

These tree trees stood and held,
Three men above the rest,
So their agony was seen,
For all people to enjoy,

But what the executioners did not know,
That they were working for the executed,
Without this sacrifice, there was not redemption
They killed, and created their salvation,

The mysteries of thirty two A.D.
There upon the "Place of the Skull"
The unbelievable sacrifice to save the lost,
This love could ***** any **Skull
Maximus Tamo
Written by
Maximus Tamo  Tomah
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