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Apr 2016
you're so ***** but I'm darker than
your fingers are afterwards
and i'm thinking about you in the bathwater, colors draining our
sounds it's not loud enough I JUST want
the music crashing off the tiles and the walls
you're playing harpstrings down my navel, strum
me with the high notes and I'll sing on my knees for you,
my flute, my trumpet, orchestra
of desire I want to be your muse
natural forms, still life in the sunlight
sketching the motion of it all slow and languid brushstroke beginnings
and then crescendo and fingernails down your back your hands
painting my hips I want every touch in
every stroke instant in a snapshot
in a frame black and white wildfire
neon when the art is tired
spill the paint all over me bristles
brushing against us oh my god
how do i tell you i want it in my veins
in my lungs
handwriting down my arms scribble over
the mistakes cliff hanging on my collarbone
don't worry
my neck will be your secret, I'll keep your
words safe whisper your stories all over me
I want to wake up poetry I want to wake up novella
canvas symphony love me
like a masterpiece
i dont wanna touch the ground
Written by
Sarah  Karakura Town, Japan
(Karakura Town, Japan)   
   --- and ryn
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