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Mar 2016
Every so often I fade
deep in my thoughts and
get lost in the days

A land before
clocks would invade

The beauty of time
was then slayed

For a minute it seems
as if mankind got
lost in our ways

But I'm not afraid.

To be a leader

To be remembered
by the readers

So dearest cosmos,

"I must know when my time is."

As my generations finest

who with
a thousand words

paints an image
vivid enough
to cure blindness

brushed with
these thoughts
I let linger

To all these strangers
but see

That's the danger.

For I feel as if
they know me better
than I know myself

These voices surely can't be
right for my health

For my ears they bleed
as they scream

"Don't give them too much you."

"But what else am I to do?
To get my message through?"

"Don't let them take control."

"What if they have?
How am I to know?"

"Please if there's one thing you do.."

"Honestly what do I have to lose?"

"Don't you dare lose your soul."

Its all physics
so please put your ego

For if it were to collide

With your soul
there'd be no
standing point

for your demons to hide.

Its been one hell of a ride,

As the cosmos I must
let it be known
I've heard your

Deepest of cries.

So when you ask me
when will it
be your time?

I say to you my child
*December 13th
the day the genius did rise.
Inspired by January 28th by j. Cole

4th piece off of "The R.A.P project"
Mikey Pooler
Written by
Mikey Pooler  Washington
   PJ Poesy
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