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Feb 2016
I was is in second grade when Emily told me "if you where born a few years back you'd be a slave"
As if I hadn't looked in the mirror latley.
Oh how it felt to be the only brown girl in a white school
A maybe
Is what I was
An outcast

4th grade
I visit my father and his family
My grandmother and aunt whisper,"Gringa" laugh laugh "Sangrona" laugh laugh
My mother hispanic and my father Mexican

6th grade
My best friend is disgusted because I define as Mexican yet can't seem to speak perfect Spanish

9th grade
I learned that bi racially I am a mut,
As if I don't have enough labels already

I must prove to my friends I am white, yet hispanic to my family
My second aunts snicker at my broken Spanish
No need to gain their validity
They can't believe my mother raised me away from their culture
Despair fills their eyes as labels blur mine
Must I prove myself every time?

What if I'm not either or?
Nor a mix
Nor white
Nor hispanic
Nor mexican
Nor latina
Nor bi racial
Nor sangrona

I don't seek your validation but your understanding

I'm not a unique exhibit

Only a 16 year old girl dealing with teenage drama and high school studies
A dreamer at heart
An artist who loves to show it

I have a name
I'm more than my skin color
Or that of my mother's & father's.

If I'm ever asked to prove myself
I will answer with only
"I am already proven
Written by
     sunprincess and SPT
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