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Dec 2011
My thoughts could be beautiful if not so skewed
untangible things in very lucrative views
unhappy me
quite happy you
& the cycle continues as we make ourselves lose

The day could never do the job of the night
it would ***** all the time
about never getting things right
always lookin' in the dark
never findin' the right keys
to a door that's unlocked
but still won't open for me

If only the cat had a more noble speech
maybe then he,
could talk sense to me
and maybe
i'd listen
for once in my ******* life
i'd listen to the cat speak
and take what he means
about the good and the bad
the wise and the lost
and understand that he sees
what he wants to see
because he's a ******* cat
that's fine with me.
Nicholas James Berlincourt
   ---, Tearani C and M
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