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When you get older..
When you
get out
your twenties.
Your start to keep your hair closer to your skull
If you're me.
You start keeping your words closer to
your heart
in fear of
You start keeping your self
closed a little bit
in fear of fear itself.
When you feel old.
When you
grow in
to yourself
your love.
You start to keep your
Some things make you want to die.
Some things make you want to never go outside.
Tell tall tales of old times
Selling signs of the good life.

Creep inside the old mind
trap yourself in a contest of road signs.
Be the last one to find the real reason
that we all decide to be quiet.
Love everything.
Love the people berating your job.
Love the sick and tired that can't be happy anymore.
Love the people who never loved anything in their life.
Love the animals who don't know any better.
Love the lost & found.
Love the tired & cold.
Love the ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend or ex-wife or husband.
Love yourself
Love yourself
Love yourself
Love yourself, for once.
Today I sat forever in a coma,
locked away behind my thoughts.
I thought i'd lend my obvious arm strength,
I thought i'd lend my bleeding heart.

You were allowed to run around -
'my mother never spoke of luck.'
He tied his soul to old apartments.
This poem is ruined because i'm drunk.
in the dark.
There is a note,
stuck to the door.
It is cut into the shape of a flower
& reads more like a thorn.
"I don't want to be stuck."
You only ever told me it once,
when it could have been a hundred times.
Today the ghosts in our lives aren't some old
forgotten spirit.
They are the lovers &
that we meet.
They are the people that once said
that made sense
you never got to
thank them.
Another endless
explanation of
Timing takes away from us
the gold medals of our youth.
From plastic souvenirs that break
timeless records without use.
No overstylistic amalgam-
-just black or white to choose.
A safety blanket or mid-life crisis-
what's left of us to lose?

With imagined money
imaginary love
what good is "good"
for bargained luck?

- I spoke of dreams I could not see,
could not feel, nor breathe, nor touch.

- I used to feel what I may be,
now I wait around and rust.
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