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Feb 2016
I'm not suppose to be here, yet I breathe on.

I cheated death many times, coincidence it must be beyond.

If I detailed my life, how would I be described?

A house isn't a home with a broken family inside.

his smile subsides his favorite mask to hide behind.

A mask isn't a face just a cover with a broken genius inside.

I go for my morning walk                              

                                        hail's pelting my skin

It's time for my morning talk                            

                                     hell's melting within

I can't                                                                      

                       I can't keep acting like I'm fine

I can't                                                                        

                    I can't save my mind this time
I'm not suppose to be here but I am. So there must be a reason, I learned that. Then ran.

Mikey Pooler the Poet
Mikey Pooler
Written by
Mikey Pooler  Washington
   jdotingham and ---
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