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Dec 2011
We found a new world,

Ordained with holy numbers
and d-a-s-h-e-s-
by modern priests in


Pious, singularly
unromantic men.

Reaching for this sphere
it is into an unnamed sea
amid unmounted peaks
                            I shall fall,

a willfully disobedient
boy who drowned
with a hunger
that surpassed
                all worldly sustenance.

Though perhaps it’s for the best
I’ll never walk its corrugated

G a s e o u s
for an epoch of chastity
would be corrupt
by my abrasive soles, my cutting
words, my fallible conscience
and mortal skin.

600 light-years?
I’ll save us both the effort.

©*Thomas Gabriel
Simply, i was inspired by the planet "Kepler-22b".
Google it, you'll see...
thomas gabriel
Written by
thomas gabriel
   Sister Sinister, ---, Kassiani, --- and serah
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