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Sister Sinister Nov 2019
Soft, green vortex, beckoning
tender brush of eyelashes on skin
The lush hue of May looms
on butterfly wings

Fleeting as a sigh
and faint your fragrance
Of feline grace your footing
and elvenkind your posture

the wish to dive
beneath the surface
to touch more than skin

My mind is ablaze, with clumsy
step I attempt the dance
am bound to trip
to burn the moths, you beckon

A hot sensation
rolling down my throat
You fill this night to the brim
and I drink in full

Gazing into the eyes of my Absinthe.
Not a native english speaker. I'm taking votes for either surface or skin. Hull sounded so technical..
Sister Sinister Aug 2014
Let's drown in a sea of colours.
Close your eyes, dearest friend,
just let yourself go and stop
to think and start to dream.
It is not even hard...
I know you never wanted me,
yet you are so close and the
less you want me, the more
I want you.

My heart donned a shining armor.
I wear my sword and shield, but
at nights sleep when I feel safe,
your dark dagger eyes make me
bleed, bleed me out and bleed me
empty, wash out all my fears and
all the feelings until I am
reduced to a heavy-grey leaden
ball with only so much as an
echo of emotion.

Yes, dearest friend, that's the
only price one pays - your grip
might slip and you may lose
control, and you may find yourself
floating in a current
where one hundred different
hands tuck at your shell
in a hundred different
directions and your only
purpose is to not be ripped

I keep breathing, dearest friend,
I stay alive another day -
until you decide to drown with me.
But yet ~
I dream in monochrome.
Sister Sinister Jul 2014
The world around me keeps
spinning on,
it is
smells become
The air stands still
                                                    it tastes stale.
different colours  b-l-u-r
                                                        to grey
A windowpane of
                                                           ­                                                    patience.

noises w~h~i~r~l
                                                       ­  to echos
                                                           ­                                     not unlike sanity
                                                         fleeing to
                                                              ­                           a place inside myself.
                                               An eye of the storm

Next destination
                                                            ­                                                   solitary,
                                                       ­                                                              calm.
                  ­                                     *s e r e n i t y
I love and dread the daily train rides.
Sister Sinister Jul 2014
I'm touched by your sadness.
The eyes so warm, your smile so tender -
but the fire burned to embers ~
and as much as I'd like to reignite,
I cannot reach out to you.
A chilling gale, unrelenting,
blows against my face.
So I wrap my arms around your bare chest and rest
my cheeks against your back.
These moments, where you feel so close...
you are so far gone, ahead in heart and years...
So I gift you my warmth and watch
your sleep, feeling colder
with every breath I take.
How can someone as wise as you not know?
That the eye of the storm is serene,
but also chilling to the bone.
Deep down I know, we are the same,
you and I...

I'm in love with your smell,
your smile, your eyes, your mind.
And so I squeeze these lines
out of my soul wishing you
would find, so wishing...

We are like the moon and the sun.
Meant to encircle one another
in eternal dance
forever out of reach
never to touch...

Dependant on your light to shine
A slave to your gravity
In love with my best friend. I wish it could change.
Sister Sinister Jul 2014
Somewhere in the distance

we sense there is something
calling us out
and no resistance
is as strong as


I can't resist a pretty boy playing the guitar
Just make me go wild, losing my mind
no one is perfect anyways, so why don't
waste some time until we both find
ourselves in the dark

I've never felt so alive before
in the nothing of our chaos
as we slowly reach the core
all implodes in shards of aeons

Why am I dreaming of someone like you?
There is no way of knowledge
and no such thing as emotion ...or love
only sharp daggers, temptation and I pledge

let me go, lift you spell and stop stealing

my sleep

And for the second I close my eyes you are mine...

— The End —