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Jan 2016
life flows in
odd and beautiful

the divine moving
through the manifesations
experiencing through

time comes when
the wisdom
of the creation
to alter course

indiiferent to the
play, to the events,
it will however
whisper gently,

"a correction is needed
my little manifested one"

deaf to the subtle
requests and warnings,
the ante is upped,
the impetus for correction
is increased

some hear early
& alter course gently

others learn only
under more difficult,
harder ways,
louder ways

circles of hell
we wander
we wander

some caught forever
in a circle
some moving in &
out among them

sometimes with ease
sometimes with much

sometimes alone
sometimes with
a multitude of support

the end is the same
the course of life
is corrected,

here & now,

or some next life,
for death does make
the final correction......

die to yourself now
in this life

the little you...
realize you are
so much more than
so much more
than what you
think you are

for you ARE only
what you think
you are....

set yourself free
from the thinking mind
find out Who YOU really are...

Who Am I?
January coming to a close... peace descending.... time to return to solitude and prayer
am i ee
Written by
am i ee
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