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Jan 2016
Where did you come from
And why are you here
Smiling from ear to ear
And speaking
Ever so softly
You can't be from here

Where did you come from
And why did you come here
Was it to allure me
With your smile
And illuminate
My soul, my dear
I have no fear
I feel it all
With my heart
And in my eyes
You can see
All my years
I've never met
A soul
That illuminates like yours
So I figure
You have to be
From far away from here

I know where your from
And why your here
Your eyes tell it all
And your heart beat
Is clear
Your the girl
From the moon
Who sings sad tunes
And loves way too hard
Call you sweet golden
In June
You came from the moon
To save this Wzrd
From his doom
With eyes like sky
And a vibe
Like no one he knew
They say Love always prevails
In this world full of doom
So know I'll love you forever
My girl from the moon
Written: 7:18am 1/24/16    
Written By; C.R.
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
   Irving MacPherson and m i a
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