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Jan 2016
Drips and drops of lab-tested fluids
pouring lipids in curves all over the place
while pops and pangs of tiny cells
bubble and fizzle in petri disks and flasks
regurgitating out strands of fine DNA
mix and synthesis of unusual entities
bubbling cauldrons of chemical ritual
give rise to spells of mystic creation
boldly configuring new organic oddities
from lab nonsense to ancient theory
mitochondrial splits and caverns
entries into the unknown of man's babble
for the fine and final production of science's silk
that which is life
and undeniable to our being
so creation can forever stand tall and strong
in the triumphant art of recreation
I plan to edit this poem, so I would encourage readers to give criticism on how to improve it. Negative criticism is fact, I would encourage that as well as ordinary criticism. Your comments will be appreciated greatly. Thank you!
Written by
Lucas Mock  Somewhere
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