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The pantheons demand the poets limn vision
‘Motionless inside dreaming still shores,
—I sleep lucid, prismic eternally awake.
In the absence of beta waves, alpha
—echoes unfold stretching into theta dives’.

Galactic chrysanthemums implode tearing—
liquid waves into writhing silver storms.
A thousand moons of mercury evaporate, reappear
and explode into black diamonds spray-painting
—cyclopean skies.

A supernatural alchemy beseeches, whispering inside
—my bloods dying, resurrected—breathing magic
that sips from rich ****** rivers; rushing through
distant canons of twisting blood vessels;
whereupon a billion red cells form aromatic pools—
igniting into an endless sea of bellowing fires.

‘Orphic, I am enchanted tasting a sorcerous nature,
angels conjuring eyes—burn mortal tinted memory shores,
bestowing ashes of what was, what is—the ‘I’ exhumed,
—raptly in deaths breath to unseen wisdom’.

Dust devils transform into ether crystal blown screens—
—bending, jostling, wrapping around nameless fluid planets,
luring my eye forth into dimensions lost, pulsing—
—only in sirens earendel song.

In black diamond stars, ‘spirits dream in frenetic pulses,
the cosmic lotus-eaters waiting in sky pearls—
—purveyors of ethereal dreaming, poets weaving
eternity before mortal life.

© ASPAR (A Sol Poet Arnay Rumens)
A satin sun breeze softly murmurs, passing a kiss over my breast
──as though a sumptuous gold cloth beckons me forth,
dressed for a palace to rest──how pleasing for a queen

Shadows dance to a beautiful serenade──laughing
at the edge of my eyes, where once I could see you
now tiny suns are reflected──in tears dressing my cheeks

Wishes, once great outside inside where I held you dear,
all swarm like bees to passion fruit blooms hung in a gardens
gallery──blushing purple hand painted by suns love

Emerald leaves rustle, teasing globules of blood oranges,
fading out to dusky pinks readying to pour juice forth, and
frilly cream Hibiscus flowers have exploded like go-go dancers
──being naughty

Mosaic sun peeled words you built around the wishing fountain,
by the steps of poems in my leadlight stained temple dreams,
Pomegranates seeds we ate in life’s ****** toil are now trees in the sand

The Guava fruits have fallen a pungent perfume fills the air, a reminder──discarded, tilling reflections once of a King on the Nile in my royal Egyptian garden of dreams.

©ASPAR (A Sol Poet by Arnay Rumens) 04/2019
Is life a story, is life magick dreaming to love?

I gazed up. “Standing below the elephantine magnolia,
the ground still bore Tuscany ochre from autumns last kiss.”
My eyes solivagant orbs fed on spring’s dews in mourning
──jewellery clinging opulently to her naked form.
Dawn chilled the breeze caressing her body as abscission
demanded she undressed her emerald gown of leaves.
Magenta and cream blooms sprang “loudly” seducing
─ blushing mauve crowned centres,
a population of endless figurines perched motionless on aching
naked branches.
Solomon’s seal burned white within me drunk impending suns arrows, opulent words of silver Verbus diablio kissed in a cauldron
of Magnolia words, a banquet for mortals that seek loves gold.

A lone spider echoed silence bearing the sigil of Jupiter’s
vermillion and white spun striations luffing on the breeze
warming. “Magnolia dressed the day ardent in perfumed
── glorious plumes that each set sail across waking skies.”
Ablaze I am luscious dreams wrapped in sweet nectar,
travelling limbic memories breathing deeply, held captive,
wanton within her labyrinths of silk caresses, petals whispering,
sweet love as she engulfs my last resolve.

In raptures white velvet gown my hem sweeps over gold russet
and brittle autumns words forged in winters need for warmth──mind leaves crunching beneath life’s changing seasons,
stitched I cling enamoured to mortal honeymoon summered fields.
I am the female of sapphire tears twisting, glittering melting ice shards, bequeathed of pained black stars travelled on passionate magick fires, breathed on melodious Roma nights.

Rested among the branches a mantel crucified- drunk once more,
a bloom held silent in time weeping, exploding fragrant in a coloured soul, a luffing flower creature to life──crowned

──to sun hope thorns.

©ASPAR (A Sol Poet Arnay Rumens)
Two crows black parled over a substance,
not pondered, a rare truce over lunch to behold

Land Rover’s engine protested, under Adelaide’s January heat
Molten felt I, dripping sealed to vinyl’s straight jacket seat

Bottle Brushes red explode against hazed blue skies
I’m a shutter clicking full speed

Yonder down under, palms a few cluttering prongs
tussled along gusty winds hot, sweeping up the road

An eye side window tinted, lady bugs turned emerald
polishing off aphids, on leaves green smiling
swarming on tangerine roses

Seagulls hina mina rise to plume, a firework of feathers
Ole bell tower announced middays service to all

Splotch landed magenta a drop on the pane
caught through a crystal hung neath the car mirror

A tree Maple in church yards grass bequeathed leaves
blessing, she covered pavements for yards

Glazed and steamed pavements sing and sting
Rains surprise drumming kisses song

Thinking, I am of thee how long summers can be
write once said he, write of me

Clad an artist endless colours on eye tipped brushes
chanting, paint me, painted by thee

Hummed throaty the engine sang, idling
Kissing minds am I, life visions to love

A canvas, a life church to words painted
on pavements, in surprise rain tears

By thee in me

©──ASPAR O2018
It is implied imagination lives in memory,
for I have lived immortal in his memory!

Dying sunlight painted translucent gold varnish
over tree branches, and leaves wept in cinder
as sunlight pierced their flesh  
Sentient, solemn willows swayed in wind prayers,
Deep into her mind forest pagan temples rang
as though treasures hailed immortal proclamations
upon night
The fine chiffon billowed, a mere lambrequin
caressing her milky thighs ── the window ajar.  
Blue and white flowers in knots strewn along vines,
appeared violated, twisted valentine creatures,
lost in belief on Lupercalia dreams, blaring
into the impending night, screaming hungry ──
blooms awaiting their opening to moon promises of
fertile love

The old clock past that sings in tick of dying time ── her
mind a bush of stinging nettles,
a reminder to pain and wet in flesh.
Once married to magical inducements to deaths promise,
Pleasures that once sang from his lips,
"The song of sunsets elixir”,
An unparalleled potency to release mortal time

‘Awake in Malarian dreaming immortal ── writhing
in fragrant silent purple hazes of love that vanishes.
She waited across violet poppies and crimson bride orchids
on mortal memories.  
“I can taste you” came from her full lips,
finely cracked with need,
In the parlour poised, dreaming ardent dreams

The moon glinted off the lake beyond,
invoking querulous images,
Swirling, roaming a prayer in black laughed,
escaping the dead air about him
A battalion of flowers hung in nights trees, opulent
reminiscent to Victorian chandeliers.
His aurelo radiated black from a jewelled crown,
mesmerized she gazed

── He blew quietus, a cold gust of emptiness & neglect,
the candles restless flickering ceased,  
his tines glinting by moon lights silver smile  
His breath bore a spice, and a mild coolness encircled her waist,
arms raised, a kiss he placed to each her wrists
Reverent, passionately he bit consuming, gorging in lust
Her mind danced in sparkled delight,    

Springs first ****** shoots sped across time and,
watercolour smears of emerald splashed
earth in communion, between life and death,
between death and life,  she took her last breath.  

She listened to his shatter, ‘into black shards
his ‘obsidian motion tore into night’
A black fire star stained across amaranthine skies,
touching, delicately bleeding into mortal dreams
in poets and writers
It is said, “Love bites but once in true love”

──Unto death shall we once again meet
immortal “In just one piece, poetry we bite”.

©ASPAR S2018(A Sol Poet Arnay Rumens)
Close your eyes, can you hear dulcet song?

Giant emerald palm trees creek in winds answer
As though an ocean is breaking over a thousand sea shells
── polishing, enfolding and caressing sun kissed shores
Shusssh as rasasvada ascends

You are peaceful now?

The skies above are painted cerulean-blue silk
Pleasantly, you are drunk on rhythmic wave sounds,
as you flow on cyan velvet ocean sun sheets
balanced on a Caribbean shore

Can you smell the salted bouquet?

Flawless turquoise sea flowers sway in warm seas──
as you think of soft ******* rising and falling to a gentle
lovers touch
White clams fan their smiles gently licking waters,
and Octopi’s purple-blue tentacles silently slide across clear
── silver ocean floors

Can you see the rainbow creatures dart into the light beams?
Azure waves roll into vibrations emanating in all directions
Conjured and rident in oceans magic── spheres oscillate around you,
from the veins below to the stratosphere above
You rise holding a chalice of sun gold, and
silvery worlds of mercury

Breathing in the sweet loves breeze,
as echoes of golden light in waves tingle along your face,
On the upper shores you see peridot buds and emerald leaves
──that linger on translucent blue-green Larimar days

The palm tree creeks and the wind answers,
Shussh, relax, listen to the rolling sea shells on
loves, silvery shores

© ──ASPAR (A Sol Poet by Arnay Rumens)160518
I have wrung these hands and passionately wept,
In the visual hunger of prose, verse and quote
Devoured and coveted to bloom in sun star light,
A thousand deaths claimed in wanton splendour

Passion has long conjured my mind in cosmic province,
ascending, descending, I am wet and dry
I mourn, O’ I mourn for her beauty in the why?
Hidden long in twilight where dragons whisper

I shimmer in piteous shudders on lines beautiful to me  

My eyes brimming dancing with emotions,
lost in flow, crystal the ink seeps it's transparent glow
Blooming in prose, tight the bud on the tip of the pearl
My eye is turning 360 degrees, watching, swirling

O’ such youthful sadness, exotic bearing ripe these fruits ,
ravenous, alive and in deaths other light  
Claimed in the center, the lotus drifting conscious,
a flower bidden to bleed with light ── deliciously seeping  

──blooming ink in a poets Iolite light

© ASPAR (A Sol Poet Arnay Rumens) 200418
Created from the anguish and the beauty of prose, verses and quotes available to studying poets and avid readers.  The key to art is indeed the passionate heart, and the crystal eye :)
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