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Jan 2016
Eight times
I thought of running away eight times
There were the days I never felt enough
Days where I felt like the intermission in between the main events
Eight times
I thought of running away eight times
But I always stayed because of you

You're my bestfriend
In case you didn't know yet, you are
I thank you for all the days you let me shine
For dying like the sun every night so the stars could come out
Never knowing that you were the brightest star that ever shone

I write this for all the days you feel less worthy
Allow me to remind you that your rays are the only ones I'd like to greet me in the morning
You are the only one strong enough to shine on its own

I was always the moon that needed the stars to go along
But you,
You could always do it on your own
And though sometimes it may feel lonely,
Do remember that once every few years,
An eclipse happens where the sun and moon finally meet

And although it may only be for a while,
Though we may not always find ourselves side by side,
Know that who you are and what you do continue to let me breathe
And for all the times you left at night in order for me to live,
I thank you and I'm sorry for not knowing what you did
I forgive you for leaving and I love you still
Abby Elbambo
Written by
Abby Elbambo  Qatar/Philippines
   Rose, Nae Ayson and Bianca Reyes
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