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Jan 2016
Your dying to be heard, but noone will listen so here you are stuck….. With no where to go or nothing to do. your life is in your bedroom. Your whole life feels like a ****** up story without a description who knew life would be so blair. I wish I were one of those popular people that always had something to do or somewhere to go.I wish I could be the pretty girl that everyone payed attention to. Or everyone wanted to be around. I go to the bathroom getting ready to take a bath and all i can notice as i look down is all off my fat… I hate my face and image I long to look like serena or even blair to be te girl every guy longs for and every girl wants to be I hate how everyone I date tells me Im pretty maby they just say that because they want me to feel like I belong but the problem is I dont belong. Sometimes you have to wake up and face reality. maby your never ging to be as pretty as that girl who guys drool over or as skinny as the bulimic. maby your not going to be as happy as that girl taht just got execepted into harvard. But if you are that girl let me tell you something your one lucky person. Your something I will never be. Maby I will never be that girl. But I dream of it. I want to wear stylish clothes to school and do my makeup and stuff but i cant I dont want to put myself out there. I hate attention from strangers. maby one day I will be on the front of the new york times magazine maby i will be the next serena van der woodsen until then i have to wait and see what comes my way
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   chris, Michael L, Blueboyfly, --- and ---
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