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Nov 2011
do you still love me ?
cause my emotions are not your playground
to sit and fantasise about what we had is great to pass the time

but to shove it in my face
and after this bitter ******* taste
has left me in a box
where the only way out is to push it off
and put a smile on my face
and say ohh i still love you and hey don't worry its ok

but the time spent in this box has given me a key
to think about life and how, babe this aint to be
to nudge myself
back into the sea from this idyllic sanctuary
but im left in the bay with all the strings pulling me back that way
and believing your **** and continuing this falsity
cause we had it all
but all we had was you and a little part of me

with all your naive little messages and your **** over the fone
leading me on like a dog to ******* bone

and the **** adds up believe me now
my hearts been beaten like a badly behaved belgian kid with a ******* mattenklopper
and all that dust and all that muck and with all my passion and all my hate spilling out onto the street without the quintessential break

to collect my ****
to retrieve my heart
to repair my pride

and be done with you and be on my way
Jake Taylor
Written by
Jake Taylor
   Victoria Fox
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