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Victoria Fox Nov 2011
How do you describe the feeling?
It's not just an ache,
aches leave you feeling empty,
make you yearn.
It's when your body fills,
no not your body,
your heart.
& for a minute you feel calm,
you're a paradox,
you're at one with the world, the universe maybe, yet completely detatched from everything.
A spectator.
It would be as though you were looking down upon yourself,
this human,
this soul,
that you know every secret of, every detail about,
but you're unconnected.
I feel this way when I look upon a view, watch the world in wonder.
Like when you see your reflection,
no matter how vague,
in glass,
looking up at you from water.
& you reach your finger out,
& you connect.
The way the lines blur between what is really you & your double.
They blur until they are no more.
Like the lines between realities.
Victoria Fox Nov 2011
I'm falling, I'm failing,
I'm coming apart,
Hold me together,
Fill me up.

Put inside me passion, fear, chaos,
Let me breath,
Let me be.

I'm falling,
Where are you?
I'm failing,
Are you even surprised?
I fell.
Victoria Fox Nov 2011
Feel no fear, sweet girl,
For I feel none with you,
Good things are coming, my dear,
& they'll be coming for you.

Wherever you may go,
& no matter what you do,
Look to the sky,
The stars,
The birds,
& I'll be right there with you.

Victoria Fox Nov 2011
What if I were to leave tomorrow?
What if you were to die tonight?
Fall at my feet,
I'd fall for you,
Fall into darkness,
Fall into light,
We are just strangers to love,
Such strangers to life.
Victoria Fox Nov 2011
Stars that make you feel infinite,
Only leave me feeling small,
Flowers that make you feel full of life,
Leave me feeling nothing at all.

Aching, Hating,
So tired of waiting,

Wake up.

"Smell the bacon"
See this world,
Be that girl,
Your girl.
Victoria Fox Nov 2011
My preferred pose,
This undirected elegance,
Does it even matter to you?
Who caged me in.

Blurred by taste,
Seized by touch,
Now you look my way,
Wishing to turn, escape,

Again & again,
You who does not love me,
Yet locks me away,
Unlock me, unlock me,
But it's me whose got the key...

They say.

— The End —