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Jan 2012 · 625
hopefully my last love song
Jake Taylor Jan 2012
c Am F G

cause i saw you there just walking up the stairs
i caught your eye i thopught you didnt care
but you looked at me with your heart out of its lair
and i always and i always will

then you siad hello i  fell out my chair
cause your the girl that doesnt ever share
just kids herself cause shes the rightful air
and i always and i always will

but a kiss between a fist is not a kiss
a love between the sheets is not a bliss
and a feather isnt light if its under pressure
and i always and i always will

cause i hate that i love you now
cause i hate that i love you now
cause i hate that i love you now
and i always and i always will

my heart was just soo soft you thought youd break in
and tear it to the core without mistaking
and leave me in the station without a care in
but i always i always will

you got with other guys like it was ending
but told me that you loved me to remain in
and whispered in my ear just to entertain them
but i always i always will

the part of that was desperate to beleive in
got smaller every day when you explained it
and left my soul with nothing but an apron
but i always i always will

cause i hate that i loved you now
i hate that i loved you now
i hate that i loved you now
and i always and i always will

we'd run through fields of gold just for a sunset
and fall asleep while stars shined over our heads
and kiss untill the day was just an object
and i always and i always will

we'd laugh and sing till we were out of breath
then we could sit and giggle on the matress
and sit and dream or just get undressed
and i always i always will

your eyes were just soo deep i could of drowned in
with reddish fire to keep me melting helpless
and your lips to keep my heart on the bleep test
and i always and i always will

cause i hate that i love you now
i hate that i love you now
i hate that i love you now
and i alway i always will

i cleaned up all my things to be expected
and walked out of the door without expressing
while you looked over me next to my best friend
but i always i always will

i shuddered in the cold without a blanket
while sat next to the fire and i was helpless
while you were out just thinking of yourself and
but i always i always will

i stuggled to control my ending passion
my whole life was gone in a split second
and i pulled for strings when i should of just forgotten
but i alway i always will

now its been a while and im on my feet
and i smile again when i see you on the street
my life has been a trial but i was accepted
and i always and i always will
Dec 2011 · 1.1k
sonnet for christmas
Jake Taylor Dec 2011
With thoughts to still christmas mornings
with crisp of air and heart of tongue
a battle with ice, snowballs sound fun
the cheery fellow robin nurturing the misty sun
unknown tracks lay path ahead
through a magical woodland
or mereside instead
with every card sent a piece of ones heart
and with every toast and every sip
a thought of cherish , companionship a love lost or friend
but just remember with a mind of peace
for this christmas should be nothing more
than a relaxed, content treat
for you and any other you should happen to meet.
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
With thoughts of old childhood birthday blossoms,
and crisp, clear fragrant summer mornings never to be forgotten
the gift of peace to a commitment untold
and the life and heart of the country unfold

from the birth of fawn to the parting of old bones
the lush of leaf or the solemn of stone
with the gush of stream and the call of bird
this country could entice the soul of any to turn

the sodden wet grass from a night of refresh
with the elegant  bluebells littered like trade stands across Marrakech
the love and flesh of a greater power once said
and the flavour and colour to be feasted once again

by the old man gamekeeper the luckiest man I've met
Nov 2011 · 1.1k
conspiracy for my theory?
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
beats banging the bolts of your brains your mind slumped back with thoughts of genocidal terrorist gangsters polluting your countries veins, rocking lines like no way but did bush rock the planes, and **** did we really give al-Qaeda all that money 6.9 billion **** yeah that sounds pretty funny, but back in the day they were the backed boys in blue fighting off the the red corner for their freedom to be renewed, but that wasn't enough for them
reunion of peace lost with the greed of the beast and the hate for the west and the hate for different beliefs, capitalism s bad but not bad enough for lives to be releived or taken, **** bugs me but im not shooting the lead at a different population.
and im not conforming to 911 being binladen cause the videos shown give me the impression those attacks were a little more expensive than the planes on the rota, the truth covered up like ill put it under the sofa or they wont notice just tuck it behind the toaster, its not for common knowledge to be a pile of **** out off cnn's rosta does anyone remember Mcintyre whos stated on paper that he beleives the pentagon was hit by something different than whats printed on the usual reporters notepad soo whos the joker?
the world needs answers now before this conspiracy is just another late night channel on the tv, or the page on the internet that no one sees xcept the fat man nursing a ***** and a bag of nachos with a little too much additional flavour bread cheese and cereal its all over his bed, forgotten how to live soo hes browsin instead, this mans a lost cause you stay tight to whats in your head
and im not guna turn around and say that my rhymes keep your brain feeling alive ive used that space to save you time so you can see the things i see
the way the world is lookin at me
and this **** keeps my dreams infant and my body just another delinquent, reeling around in this filtered hypocricy with the love and humour on hold till this chapter unfolds
Nov 2011 · 719
a return to a challenge
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
blow my metaphorical spit back down to the abyss and sip this smiff,
while looking down with faculty on the minds of all you un-magical rip twisting ***** without the audacity to think outside this bourgeois economy b

so here's you inauguration to mee see
my mind flows quicker than the water in your fall with my lucidity and my space breaking- renaissance invigorating- hip hop aristocratic mind bubbling piece of that cake that aint never leaving crumbs on your face
Nov 2011 · 8.6k
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
the niggly nasty narcissist
who keeps you off the road insists- to stay in all your thoughts he sits and strips your magical mind to bits with all his games and all his grifts a punch a preach consider the junk he's ******* sift, mist or haze
send him away
cause your wisdom yo its better than this,
so think - the ways to rip this spit
im a free man now
peel the author away from this
blow your mind !
just to see the way that i can outline this
and keep myself a verse afar from all your ****
Nov 2011 · 475
a soured love
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
do you still love me ?
cause my emotions are not your playground
to sit and fantasise about what we had is great to pass the time

but to shove it in my face
and after this bitter ******* taste
has left me in a box
where the only way out is to push it off
and put a smile on my face
and say ohh i still love you and hey don't worry its ok

but the time spent in this box has given me a key
to think about life and how, babe this aint to be
to nudge myself
back into the sea from this idyllic sanctuary
but im left in the bay with all the strings pulling me back that way
and believing your **** and continuing this falsity
cause we had it all
but all we had was you and a little part of me

with all your naive little messages and your **** over the fone
leading me on like a dog to ******* bone

and the **** adds up believe me now
my hearts been beaten like a badly behaved belgian kid with a ******* mattenklopper
and all that dust and all that muck and with all my passion and all my hate spilling out onto the street without the quintessential break

to collect my ****
to retrieve my heart
to repair my pride

and be done with you and be on my way
Nov 2011 · 511
Untitled entry
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
To with what good made from a night of frollock and free?
With the hangover gape and the slump of mind, the lack of life but the will to survive.
what draw you say?
your eager but flat-line mentality? the uniform dancing on the floor ? the gasp for a frivolous freedom? Or just to get yourself out the door?
ohh but the quest for love or mistress, companion or enemy.
for a story to tell or for an everlasting memory for people t'remember thee?

"For the gain of speech and merry!" or the unconscious heap on the floor.

The ups and downs... the spirit to water,
the chain of thought lost with no inkling of hope for an miraculous return,
the electronic symphony runs rivers through your temples and engulfs your lost tempo,
but the heart is never free to express in open company, not in front of one's fellows!

The night it seems is drawing to a close, but your life is light ,   or dark depending only on the state of your clothes.
All is never lost for the liquor is always boss,
and yes the night might be opaque and it may take a few attempts to make maps for your own personal sake.

but however bad the night should be done,
always remember never to look back into the sun.

Jake Taylor    '11
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
Follow me and we can run away from the trees

Follow me and we break afar from this scene

Follow me and we can chase after our dreams

Follow me and we can make our OWN life you'll see

I know that your coming with me.

— The End —