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Jan 2016
Really Rick (r, top hat, woody, james)...?
I just love how you blocked me
but you keep coming to comment on my poems...
The thing about it is you *think

I can't see the comment that you write,
but you thought wrong.
Hint hint: I can login out & see the comments
and I get emailed anytime someone comments on my poems

R said, '' Woof, don't send your teenage minions to fight
your battles if they can't handle a blunt response to
their contact with me. It is kind of weird that a 65 year old
delusional man has a 16 year old girl doing his ***** work''

First off wolf aint my daddy,
but if you would like to meet my daddy
then I would be more than happy to introduce y'all.  ;D
I'm not doing wolfs ***** work.
I suggested something to you regarding wolf...
You came back and attacked me.
I guess you thought I was playing
when I said ''come at me again & we gonna have some problems''

Ranger Rick you live where... in North Carolina right?* ......
Sorry again guys. #mood    .... I might be 16 & nice but i'm not weak and I don't break promises.... I'm keep calling you out
Written by
Bunhead17  Missouri
     r, Ja, Bunhead17, --- and ---
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