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Jan 2016
Really..?  R or Top hat or Woody or James
who ever you really are.
r commented on my poem ''Poetry'' and said....
''I don't usually respond to children or little nuts that fall from an oak tree, but since you addressed me specifically, I will. You are apparently clueless about the true character of your daddy woof. If you want to be a little fly buzzing around his piles of Chihuahua crap that he calls poetry, feel free. Leave me out of your juvenile postings.  You don't know me fallen acorn, so I choose not to respond.''
You blocked me, cause I called you out and you knew that I was going to respond to your comment.
You called me a child, I'm 16 and I'm way more matture than you...
hint hint: fallen acorn..... Really...? Come on r you could have done better than that. Thats was corny and so unoriginal. :)
I really wasn't trying to get involved with this. But I was going to defend my friend and let you know what was good.
........I'm leave it right here. But come at me again and we (just me and you) are going to have some really big problems. <--thats not a threat either...its a promise that I intend on keeping.
I'm sorry guys. but this is my mood. I'm not trying to be hateful or anything...just trying to calm down.
Written by
Bunhead17  Missouri
       r, Bunhead17, Ja, ---, --- and 4 others
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