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Jan 2016
When the waves calm and the clouds part I see you
Bruised and bound within your own fueding mind
Crying, no wait, laughing
Skipping to the beat of a song your heart once sung
Traveling in a direction where crazy meets sane
Becoming a cluster **** of once was and once wished to be
Climbing out of the pits of your hell smelling of burnt skin and leather
Somewhere along the way you missed the great parts of life
Those little things that you wake up for every morning
Remembering parts of a different you, the few times you found a slither of happiness worth living for and something you held dear
Now it's so close, yet so far away of a weak grasp at the tip of tethered hands
Lost in a whirlwind of the war that rages inside of you that won't surrender
Coming and going have merged together creating constant confusion of right and wrong
Claiming to be wise when you surely don't know what wise is
The road never ends, it keeps winding through the ruff of disappointment of repeated mistakes
Taking you back to square one where the waves howl and the clouds never part.
DaRk IcE
Written by
DaRk IcE
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