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Jan 2016
I'm not a churchy girl.
I wish I could be.
Wake up every Sunday morning,
brush my hair get dressed,
and go to the house of god.
Maybe then he would be there
for me more.
But I believe,
worshipping god doesn't have to be
in a designated place at a designated time.
So no I won't be one of those preachers wife's.
But its fine by me,
because at the end of the day
god holds me in his arms
and walks me through the sand.
I am a child of God.
I believe he loves all and watches.
So mean what you say before you comment about
"Churchy people".
Daisy C
Written by
Daisy C  Definitely Somewhere
(Definitely Somewhere)   
   ---, delirium, --- and Samuel Hesed
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