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Dec 2015
People have talked about 'FUNK',
For the past  forty-five years.
That's  FUNKY!
Music is Funky.
Gimme' some  FUNK!
Listen to that Funky beat!
Play that Funky music Dude!
How Funky can you get?
This is Funked up!
I'm feelin' FUNKY today!!!
I'm in a Funk.
So many different uses.
So many different meanings.
Uptown Funk;  What's Uptown, Funk?
Classier than Downtown Funk?
People can take a slang term,
And make it anything they like.
That man smells Funky!
My Lady...She's my Funky Mamma!
A dancing child is Funky;
YEAH Little Man...let your FUNK out!!!
That restaurant is Funky,
Don't eat there.
FUNK, is an interdimensional, Transracial, Interdependent word.
It came from the Seventies and,
Will last forever,
And never go out.

Don't let yourself be...
...Caught in a FUNK!!!
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