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Nov 2011
Come on, Let's Go
To Alphabet City and Lego-Land
Where words aren't needed
And the pieces don't fit
The bitter on your tongue
Will soon turn sweet
The hustle and bustle
Will turn to happy feet
Now Reality's Gone
Sadness is Illusion
Everyone's a friend
Everyone's an Earthling
Normalcy evades
Normalcy is dull
Who wants to be normal
In a steady-mad world
The World is Our Playground
No borders, limits, boundaries
Everything's in order
We're flying on the ground
"Just cause you feel it
Doesn't mean it's there"
This house, these walls
Brick, pipe, stone, glass
Let's touch what's breathing
Contact on Earth
We've finally found it
We're the aliens
Let's bring madness to Parliament
Let's bring life to these streets
Let's take death from the gutter
And make it beautiful
What goes up
Must come down
But please don't turn these Halos
to light-bulbs and ***** floors
We can't handle unconsciousness
Without sleep
Seep in slowly

Lucy Tonic
Written by
Lucy Tonic
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