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Dec 2015
Tick tock
Ding ding
Tick tock
Ding ding..
Your eyes
Are the deepest
Like the vast
Depths of the
Your smile
Is heart warming
Like hanging out
Under the sun
Your made of
Such beauty
Not only
Your looks
But even your mind
Can move me
As my heart
My mind
Loses its pace
I look
Up at the stars
See nothing
But your face
Tick tock
Ding ding
Tick tock
Ding ding
The clock goes..
As I count
The minutes
Like sleep
Just to get another peak
At the most beautiful
Butterfly, that
I've ever seen
In this
Fragile world
Of blue & green
I just want
You & I
To dance
Til we can't
Feel our feet
And love
Til our hearts
Don't beat
Every moment
So unforeseen
Infinite love
Like a song
On repeat
The sweetest melody
The clock goes..
Tick tock
Ding ding
Tick tock
Ding ding
Written By: C.R.
Written: 5:16am 12/18/15
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
   Got Guanxi and axr
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