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Dec 2015
i wish i was the girl you wrote poetry about. the girl that appears in your dreams and lingers a moment too long, and disappears a moment too soon.
you’d wake up in the morning feeling like something’s missing, with a small hole in your heart that’s wide enough for you to know it’s there but not wide enough to hurt. you will still get out of bed, and go on with life.

sometimes i wish i was the girl you felt sad about. the one where bad timing stood in the way and you blamed it on the workings of the universe but it simply meant that you weren’t meant to be. you wished it was, though - and so do i.

i wish you thought of me in the back of your mind. while you are walking on the roadside, maybe while taking a smoke. i wish the possibility would be as real as it was when we are drunk, because it seems like the only time we can truly acknowledge these feelings are when we aren’t quite ourselves. (isn’t that quite ironic?)

i wish you would love me, but i know enough to know that love is not enough.

but as much as i would love to be this girl, i don’t think i want to be her if it means making you sad. if it distracts you from looking at the beauty of what’s in front of you, if it leaves an empty space in your heart. i want you to have a full heart.
Written by
elizabeth  in the clouds
(in the clouds)   
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