Nov 2011

Space Cowboy

He said he was a Miller
but he carried a kow-kow calculator
see him on the street
he'd say hey I'll catch you later

from children of the future
a 10 gallon Stetson on his head
he could fly like an eagle
or cruise his Mercury blues instead

they say he took the money and ran
rumor was Junior saw it happen
yeah he and Fanny Mae
boy did he need a good bitch slappin'

years later he was seen in swingtown
a joker jumpin' for jungle love
lost his golden key to the highway
hoping to find wild mountain honey above

c'mon and dance make some romance
bump bump bump on the steppin' stone
he left again on a big jet airliner
and never did answer his telephone

Gomer LePoet ....

a word play on the music of Stevie "Guitar" Miller
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Florida
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