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Oct 2015
Love destroys
This fragile boy
Now he needs my protection
His heart is broken
His mind is weak
All he needs is real affection
You may not notice
How he will be
But you can't be oblivious
To what this means.
He loves you for you.
And you're calling him weak?
You don't deserve his love
He doesn't deserve to be
In a relationship
Where the one thing you need,
The love, isn't there
You weren't meant to be
He will do great things
And I will be there
When he succeeds
Because it turns out
I'm his big sister, you see
I won't let his compassion **** him
I won't let him wallow in grief
What I will let him do
Is forget about you
But also learn the lesson
That not all "love" is true
His heart is so big
And you left one crack
From which
I will make sure
He will bounce back
Glayz Welch
Written by
Glayz Welch  Oregon
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